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How to Find a Tenant for Your Rental Property?

May , 23 2022
Leasing Property, Rent House, Renting Property

When you are considering advertising for rent by owner com, there are certain ways you can advertise without involving real estate agents. In fact, in today’s competitive real estate industry, the most cost-effective and accepted way to advertise your rental property is on the Internet.

Advertising your rental property is no longer an expensive proposition for homeowners, landlords and property managers. It is easy to advertise no agent rental properties without paying any significant commissions to the real estate agents.

For Rent by Owner Com, you will have complete control over all aspects of the rental advertisement. You can describe your property well, take follow-up calls and complete the lease.

Benefits of listing no agent rental properties online:

Reaching a wider audience

Traditional ways of advertising properties for rent include options like newspapers and flyers which limit exposure to a certain area. However, online advertising helps owners target a greater audience and make people find your listing using computers, wireless PDA or smartphones. The possibilities are endless here.

Provide more information

More affordable

Traditional ways of advertising are expensive in comparison to using online advertising ways. Simple online ads can be posted free of cost on some advertising sites. Also, for those who wish to upgrade to more options, such as a specific portal, the fees are minimal.


With advances in technology, online listing options are infinite. For instance, it is possible to customize your listings through an individualized business portal! As per your needs, you can deactivate your list with the simple click of a button. If your property for rent will become vacant again, truly reactivate the listing with another click!

Finding a tenant for Rent by Owner:

  • Be clear regarding the type of tenant you are looking for
  • Advertise on different channels
  • Post property photographs that show your property at its best
  • Get a list of questions to prepare to ask potential clients

Evaluate their present income and monthly debt obligations. The objective here is to make sure the tenant can afford the rent. The previous landlords can give you a clear indication if the tenant made regular payments and if any issues occurred during the tenant’s renting period.

On getting a good deal, get the background and credit score check to take a look at the important information about the applicant. That is the vital step to ensure the tenant you choose is reliable and someone you may believe to stay in your own home.

If you are thinking of being a landlord and want to rent your property, list it on Minus The Agent. Reaching out to our platform will ease your burden and help you easily find a potential tenant for your property.

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