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DIY Home Selling: What Can Go Wrong?

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Jan,21 2020
Sell home
Sell House Without Agent

Selling a real estate property is the biggest transaction most people take part in their lives, and it is the most exciting one as well especially if you sell your house without an agent. Messing up anything in the home-selling process can cost you a ton of money. By not […]

Tips to list your home for sale online without an agent

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Jan,17 2020
Sell home
Sell Home Without Agent

Once you’ve made the decision of listing your home up for sale without an agent, getting started is a lot easier than you think. Listing a home ‘for sale by owner’ is an option many people opt for – to save money on the transaction. When it comes to selling […]

‘For sale by owner’ guide to get an accurate home valuation

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Jan,14 2020
For Sale By Owner

Selling your home by opting ‘for sale by owner’ can be a huge decision. It can feel like a giant mountain of a task for the first time sellers. Selling your home by yourself might sound empowering at first. However, the truth is that selling a home without an agent […]

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Most searched “for sale by owner’ questions – answered

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Aug,12 2019
For Sale by Owner
For Sale By Owner

Selling your home by yourself is hard if you don’t have a proper guidance system in place. It requires time, energy, market knowledge, and some upfront money. With people coming in and poking around your closets and cabinets, complaining about the design and build of your home, and offering you […]

Preparing your home for an open house inspection

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Jul,08 2019
house inspection

First impressions count when it comes to open inspections. The expert team of real estate agents behind Minus the Agent have had years of experience guiding sellers through the process of preparing for open house inspections. It is important to prepare for an open house inspection to present your property […]