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Orange is the New Purple!

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May,09 2019
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As UK’s Purple Bricks announces they are leaving the Australian market, Australia’s own Minus the Agent is thriving. Minus the Agent offers Aussies a truly game-changing online real estate service that saves thousands in agent commission fees. Minus the Agent is continuing to disrupt the real estate market with their […]

Home Seller Tips When Negotiating An Offer

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Aug,21 2018
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Trustpilot Have you finally decided to sell your property? Whatever the reason behind this major decision, it’s crucial that you know what to do in the event a potential buyer shows interest and ask for your selling price. The next part could be extremely challenging, the negotiation process. So, how […]

How to Sell Home Without an Agent?

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Jul,31 2018
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Selling without an agent

Trustpilot Selling a home without an agent is profitable because you save on paying heavy commission to the agent. But, how to sell without an agent? Sell your home without an agent by listing it on a high visibility property portal. You can list your property on a portal by […]

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How to sell your property without an agent

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Jul,23 2018
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Trustpilot In the fast-paced world, where everyone is a hurry of doing everything in less time, I am also a part of this fast generation. Last month, I decided to sell my home but wanted to sell it fast, which was quite impossible without hiring a real estate agent. I […]

Why one Should go for Sell my own Home Option?

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Jul,18 2018
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sell home

Trustpilot Are you thinking of selling your own home? It’s definitely the right decision. There are two key benefits of selling your property without an agent – one you can enjoy lower cost and another eliminate the hassle thats involved in searching for a capable real estate agent. Recent studies […]

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