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Enquiries & Property Statistics

Online Enquiries

Enquiries made online are automatically handled by our system. The enquiry that has been made will be forwarded to your email address. The buyer will also receive an email with your contact details.

What if someone phones up about my property?

If customers call Minus The Agent they will be prompted to enter the 4 digit property code on your listing. After that is entered they will receive automatic SMS with the vendor contact details to call straight away. This system is 24 hours. Please contact us if you need to change the contact details that get forwarded.

Property Views and Website Stats





You can see how many views your property has had only on ( and other portals do not make this information public) scroll to the bottom of the page and underneath the contact form there is a “page visits” section with the number next to it. In addition to this, if you have purchased the Enhanced Package or higher, you will get a weekly campaign report.

Vendor Contact Details – Online listing

Unfortunately no online websites allow vendor contact details to be publically displayed online, so we cannot substitute our agency page to show your name, email or number. Our system is set up so that it happens when someone enquires.

We are also not allowed to specify these in the description otherwise these websites will take the ad down and also threaten to delete our account. We appreciate you not testing the waters here as they will not budge.