The Quickest Way To Sell Your Own Home

For Sale By Owner – Sell Your House on Minus The Agents

Do you want to sell your house without hiring a real estate agent? If yes, then list it on Minus the Agent, Australia’s No.1 house for sale by owner website. This portal has high visibility and connects you to numerous potential buyers easily!

For sale by owner becomes easy once you choose the right website for selling your property. Minus the Agent has many success stories of property owners who have sold their houses through this portal.

Wondering how 4 sale by owner works? 
Here are the steps to be followed for selling your house without an agent:

  • De-clutter your house
    Clean and clear your home of all the extra stuff. Ensure that you remove all items that are personal in nature. Mow the lawns; clean the windows, tiles, etc. so that your house looks attractive.
  • Complete the Repairs: Over a while, any house is prone to some wear and tear. But, before you present it in the market, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the repairs are carried out and your house is presentable in the market.
  • Pricing the Property: The next step is accurately pricing the property. This can be a little difficult for someone selling a property for the first time. You can price your property by comparing with prices of similar properties sold in the neighbourhood. You will also have to study the real estate trends in the region where you plan to sell your property. Moreover, you can seek the help of a professional property evaluator for pricing your house.
  • List your Property: You can list your property/house for sale on Listing entails uploading a description, high-quality photographs, videos, virtual tour, floor plan, etc. of the property on the site.
  • When you list your property with us, you pay only once for the package you choose for selling your house.

    We assist in the process of the sale.

    We share your listing on other leading websites in Australia such as,, and many more. Besides, we also share your listing on social media platforms. All this increases the exposure of your property enabling you to find a buyer easily.

    Once listed, your property remains listed on the site until sold.

  • Connect with Buyers: Once you list your house, potential buyers will view the listing and connect with you for buying the property. You can take them for viewing the property and finally on mutual agreement decide on a buyer.
  • Negotiate the Price

    You can finalise the deal by negotiating the price for the property.

  • Documentation: The last step for closing the deal is completing the necessary paperwork. You may consider hiring an attorney for this purpose that is aware of the laws for property sale in the city.

    If you are considering house for sale by owner, you can list it on the No.1 portal