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February Special. Ends 28/02/2023

What is Minus the Agent? Minus the Agent is a leading real estate company located in Australia offering services to various states and locations to assist vendors who choose to sell their home privately.
How do I sell my home without an agent? You can sell your home easily without paying an agent using our services. You can list your home on our site and connect directly to numerous buyers. Our site has a high visibility and we also share the listing on other leading property listing websites such as, and many more.
Is selling a property yourself cheaper? It is definitely cheaper to sell your property yourself because you don’t have to pay large sums of commission to the agent.
Does selling a property privately take more time? No, selling a property privately is one of the fastest means of selling. If you list it on our website, you will be able to connect to a large number of buyers in quick time and sell without paying an agent.
How do I sell my house online? For selling your house online, you will have to list it on a high visibility property listing website like Minus the Agent and upload details of your house. These include details such as high-quality photographs, virtual tours, descriptions highlighting any special features of the house. Potential buyers will browse through the site and connect with you directly.
Can I list my home on your website myself? Yes, you can choose one of your packages and list your home for sale on our site. You will need to upload photographs, description, and a virtual tour of the property. You can list on our site at any time of your convenience as our site can be accessed 24/7.
Can you list my home for me? Yes, we can list your home for selling on our website for you if required. We have professionals who are adept at creating attractive listings for your property. We upload the photographs provided by you. We will describe your property after discussing what its special features are in a manner that it will attract more buyers.
How do I advertise my house for rent? You can advertise your house for rent on our website and connect with potential tenants. For effectively advertising your house for rent you will need to upload images, virtual tour, and description of your property. You can also distribute professionally prepared fliers and put up “For Sale” boards in your yard.
Is it possible to rent my house privately? Yes, you can rent your house privately by listing it on Minus the Agent. Our website has a high visibility and helps you connect with numerous potential tenants easily.
I have been told that agents are better at selling the property than owners. Is it true? You know your property best and so you are the best person to sell it. You can sell it easily through our website. We offer support at every stage of the sales process. You can list it easily, advertise it on our website, and connect directly with buyers. Selling a property in this manner helps you save a lot of money as you do not have to pay a commission to an agent.
How long does my property stay listed on the website? Your property remains listed on our website until it is sold. So, once you list your property on our site, you can be assured that the listing will be removed only after the sale of the property.
What are the benefits of selling a home without an agent? There are many benefits of selling a home without an agent. The greatest benefit is that you do not have to pay a commission to an agent. You get a better return on your property. Since you know your home the best, you are the best person to market it. You can describe it in the best manner to attract buyers to it. You also have an opportunity to deal directly with the buyers. You can fix the time of viewings based on mutually convenient timings. You can highlight the special features of the house to the buyers yourself while if an agent is involved, he may forget such aspects.
How do I price my home while selling it on my own? When you sell your home yourself, pricing it accurately is one of the most challenging jobs. You can price it based on the prices of similar properties in the neighbourhood, you can also look for help on the internet for accurate pricing. Our professionals can also assist you in pricing your property accurately.
Is the best way to lease my property with the help of an agent? No, you can easily lease your property without an agent. All you need to do is select a suitable package on our website and list your home. Prospective tenants will directly approach you on viewing the property. By listing your property on Minus the Agent, you can be sure to connect to numerous prospects because of the exposure the property will get. We also share the listing on other sites such as, and many more.
How should I upload photos for listing my property on your site? It is a simple process. You can browse to where the photos are on your computer. Click open and then click on the upload option.
If I have to discontinue my listing at any stage, can I resume it later? You can save your listing by simply clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the details page and the listing will be saved as a draft. You can come back to the page and pick up from where you left off.
What if I need help at any stage of selling my own home? If you need help at any stage of the sales process, our team of professionals will guide you. You can call us and our team will help you out with any queries you might have.
What exactly is FSBO? FSBO means For Sale By Owner which implies selling of the property directly by the owner. When the owner sells his home without a real estate agent, he is able to save on the agent’s commission. In other words, it is no commission real estate. The owner can directly list his property online on a property portal and connect with potential buyers directly.
What is the best way of renting out my house? The best way to rent out your house is by listing it on You can easily choose a package on this user-friendly site and upload the details of the property you want to rent. You can upload multiple images, virtual tours, description with highlights of the property.
Is upgrade/ change of packages possible? Yes! You can call us on our customer care numbers and we will help you out with this. We will let you know about any additional charges you need to incur in case of upgrade or any other changes.