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Mar,21 2017
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I wanted to sell my home. I had no idea of how the real estate market works. I wanted to know about the methods to sell my own home. I found out that the various ways in which I could sell my own home were:

  • I could use the services of a real estate agent and make the sale.

  • I could sell my home myself utilising the services of an agent at specific stages of the sale.

  • I was surprised to find that there were means to sell my home myself.

I was intrigued by the option of selling my home myself. This option appealed to me because by doing so I would not need to pay a commission to an agent.

When I decided to sell my home without the agent, I was filled with various doubts such as, “How to sell my home without an agent?” “How to find a buyer for my home?”, etc.

I soon found that the easiest way to sell my home privately was by selling it online. For selling my home online, I needed a reliable property portal for listing it. I started browsing through the net to select a site. It was then that I came across Minus the Agent. I found that this site had all the features that would enable me to sell my home myself.

Let me explain various features of this website which ease the efforts of the seller:

  • This site is easy to navigate and enables easy listing of the property. In fact, it provides guidance to a person listing a property on the site if required.

  • It provides 24/7 access to the site in order to manage the listing from a computer or a mobile.

  • It provides a downloadable selling guide which guides the seller on how to present and sell his home confidently.

  • It lists the property on leading property websites in Australia without an additional charge. It also promotes the listing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • The seller only needs to select a package that meets his requirements and pay for it.

  • Once a property is listed, it remains on the site until sold or removed.

  • Other than these there are a number of optional features such as professional brochures, photo boards, photography, floor plans, etc. available at additional charges. These help in the easy selling of the home.

I was amazed at the features provided by this site at a minimal cost (cost of the package). I thought that this site had all the tools I needed to sell my home on my own.

no commission agent

I thought that this was the best site to sell my home. It gave me all the answers regarding how to sell my home myself. It also showed me how I could reach out to property seekers. Since most property seekers searched properties online, they would be able to view my property when they browsed through the internet. I also realised that if I uploaded a clear description and good pictures it would be easier for me to reach my target audience. My description should include details such as location, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, schools located nearby, access to the public transportation system, etc. Since these are some of the criteria buyers use for selecting a home.

This website is convenient for a buyer as well. This is because the buyer can view the details of properties here. He can shortlist homes based on the pictures uploaded. He can compare different listed properties on one site. The buyer can connect with the seller directly through this site.

This site provides a platform to connect sellers and buyers of property directly. It enables them to complete a property deal completely eliminating the agent. Therefore, if you want to a no commission property sale, Minus the Agent is the site that will fulfill your needs.

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