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Simple Property Listing

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Oct,06 2016
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Simple Property Listing

We are living in the era of internet. The Internet has helped us to establish communication channels all across the world. It has also introduced the concept of online shopping. It is no longer the shopping of daily needs but also big deals are happening over it. One of them is buying and selling of the property online.

Listing a property on a website benefits both the buyer and the seller. First of all it eliminates the agent, so both the buyer and the seller save on the commission to be paid to the agent. When a seller lists his property on the website, he can advertise it by describing it such that it appeals to the property seeker. He can post attractive pictures of his property so that it catches the eye of the seeker. Unlike advertising in the newspaper, he doesn’t have any limitations on the number of words being used. It benefits the seeker because of its simplicity of use. The seeker can just type his requirement on the google search and a number of websites will be displayed. He can select a website of his choice and filter his selection by typing the relevant words. For instance, how many rooms he requires, what is the price range he is looking for, etc?

There are a number of property portals in Australia. The leading ones are Minus The Agent, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. Listing on these sites helps the seller in attracting buyers from different parts of the world. Minus The Agent is a portal which is very easy to use.

Steps To List Property On Minus The Agent:

1. Register yourself.
2. Create your login id and password.
3. Select a package and pay for it.
4. List your property by giving a brief description.
5. Upload pictures of your property.
6. Once there are enquiries for the property, you will be informed by mail.
7. The listed property remains on the website until it is sold.

Benefits Of Listing Property On Minus The Agent:

1. Listing property is as simple as navigating through the website as guided.
2. It allows the property owner to make any changes in the information uploaded about the property at any time.
3. They also guide the owner at every stage so that they can turn an enquiry into a sale.
4. Once listed on this portal, the seller has the benefit that his property can be viewed on Facebook, Twitter and other websites like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.
5. It also allows listing property on major industrial websites at no additional cost.
6. It helps in direct interaction of the buyer and the seller so they can negotiate with each other and fix the deal.
7. There are no hidden costs.

With all these benefits, we can conclude that Minus The Agent is one of the most user-friendly websites. Anyone who lists his property on this site can only stand to get benefits from it. So if anyone has a property for sale, Minus The Agent is the right place for it.

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