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May , 6 2022
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Are you an owner of an apartment that you want to sell? Is your apartment ready to be placed on sale for the highest price? If yes, then you must be worried about how to do it. Well, renting or to sell a private apartment is not a difficult task to do when you have easy access to the property listing portals. In today’s competitive real estate market, there can be no one better to sell your apartment than you. Though the process may seem a little daunting, once you know the steps to sell an apartment privately, you will realize the benefits of avoiding the services of a real estate agent. Everything that an agent does on behalf of the property owner can easily be performed by the seller.
  • With the internet being so easily accessible, it is easy to sell apartment without the agent all by yourself. Before doing this you need to prepare your place. To get the best price for your apartment, do all the necessary things to make your place appealing and beautiful. To begin with, look after all minor repairs and paintwork if required. There is probably nothing else that can give you a better return on your investment than making sure that your place is in excellent condition. It is always a smart decision to prepare your place before putting it up for sale.
  • When selling an apartment privately, remember you are selling a dream. Thus, you should focus on the buyer’s point of view and sell your place accordingly. Whether you sell your property to a family or a couple, let them know the nearby amenities and their places of interest such as schools, and restaurants in the neighbourhood.
  • Asking price is the prime consideration when selling an apartment privately. Usually, overpricing your apartment may cause potential buyers to get disinterested in buying your place, and reducing the price will have a bad impression on the buyers. To decide the appropriate pricing, there requires some analysis as there are certain aspects that you should take into consideration before giving a final price to the potential buyers.

A Few Factors That Determine The Selling Price:


This is the prime aspect that buyers look into. If your property is located in a popular area, more buyers will be interested thus you take the price higher.

The Physical Condition of The Property

You may increase the price of your property if it is well-maintained and everything inside appears neat and fresh.


The surroundings include the neighbourhood, ventilation, nearby famous places, peaceful surroundings and the like. To finalize the selling price, you may refer to the Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). With this approach, you will get an estimated price of your property by comparing it to similar ones in the same area.
  • Add the relevant information on the “For sale by owner” websites. Take attractive pictures of the inside and outside of the property and include them in the listing along with the details of the property and your asking price. Add all the possible selling points for your apartment. The better you describe your property, you will have a better chance of selling your apartment.
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