Cut Off The Agent Commission

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Dec,03 2015
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No Agent Selling

A few years ago when I had to sell my own property I was in a great dilemma. I couldn’t make out the way to go on with selling. Over one dinner, one of my best friends told me about buying her first home “commission free”. I was literally shocked when I heard her saying commission free. I was wondering how selling can be a cheap affair.

No Agent Selling, The Best Method

I was looking for the cheapest way to sell my own property. So, opting for no agent selling seems to be a wise choice. When agents ask for higher rate of commissions to sell your property, a seller feels like putting the major part of the profit in the agent’s pocket. No agent selling is the best alternative to come out of this situation.

Invite The Traffic

Buyer’s run into the properties that are listed for sale by owner. Neither the vendors nor the buyers like to pay the commission to the agents. This has become the trend to earn the maximum benefits. Consumer traffic gives you the choice to choose the most potential seeker. If usual sellers bring you the number of buyers, online agents also do the same. Rather, these online agents demand no commission for their deals.

Offer To Share The Work

Agents demand for elevated commissions for their work. A little effort from your side can save you from the huge loss. Reflect on doing some agent’s work. For instance, list your own property for sale in the market, describe it, portray it, arrange open inspections and do all that an agent does. You can sell it better because nobody knows your own home better than you.

Let Agent In A Box Work For You

Though real estate is on the web for long, but I was never in its favor. I didn’t believe that Google can do what a man can. I had a notion for online agents. But, when I found that the online agents have all those facilities packed in the small online agent box to sell any property, my doubt was clear. It works like a true agent and don’t ask for commissions. An agent in a box accepts your property for selling, evaluate it, list it, negotiate and finally sell it. It takes less time as compared to the usual brokers and also fixes the matters easily and satisfactorily

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