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Why Now Is Still A Good Time To Sell?

April , 7 2020
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The question many people are asking not only in Australia but around the world now “Is Now A Good Time To Sell My House?”

Whilst there has been a lot of negative talk around the economy and real estate market the real picture is whilst many countries go into lockdown, more and more people are going to be isolated at home, indoors. Meaning one of many things, they are going to have more time up their sleeves to look on the internet, see what properties are for sale and make enquiries onto them properties.

With more and more people resorting to home isolation and working from home day by day, now is the perfect time to capitalise on this opportunity and get your property advertised online in form of thousands of people every day.

Selling your own home is the way of the future and the time to start is now. Minus The Agent gives private sellers the ability to advertise on all the top property websites including and Domain for just a low minimal fee as advertised on our website

Being an online based company, Minus The Agent is able to fully operate 24/7 and gives sellers the opportunity to take full advantage of these times and advertise their home for sale, and do private inspections with sellers either via the option of virtual inspection or physically at a time that suits them and not the real estate agent.

Selling your own home in the current market is more beneficial than you may think. If the two main methods to generate a sale are met (Price and Marketing) then even during the current market you can easily sell your own home via Minus The Agent.


Pricing your house right is all about beating your competition to it. Now, this doesn’t mean that you bring your house’s price down that incur loss over the transaction but enough to make a difference. In order to remain competitive in the market, you must list your home at a reasonable price for buyers to choose yours over another property. Research what similar homes in the area have recently sold for and price your home accordingly to similar properties.

Get in touch with the team at Minus The Agent and receive a market report for you displaying the recently sold properties in your area.


Without a doubt the world is moving to an online/digital based world where all transactions and research will be fully online. Therefore, gone are the days of print media including Newspaper Advertising and a leaflet in a local Real Estate Agency’s office and here are the days of online advertising including social media and top performing real estate websites such as, and

To reach the most amount of people and prospective buyers it is vital that you are listed on all the top property websites as above. Minus The Agent has all the tools and opportunities you need to get yourself listed on these websites and social media. Plus, many more extras to make your home stand out such as professional photography, brochures, photo sign boards, and many more. With Minus The Agent you don’t need to pay a real estate agent thousands of dollars in commission when you can do everything yourself from the comfort of your own home at s time that suits you!

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