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Websites For Selling Real Estate By The Owner

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Dec,03 2016
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Real Estate By The Owner
More and more real estate owners are attempting to sell their property on their own. This is because of the ease of listing a property for sale on property listing websites. This has increased the exposure of the property. Since buyers are also looking to seek property from the comfort of their homes on property portals, it has further encouraged property owners to list online. This helps in establishing a direct connection between the buyer and the seller.

Let us see how an owner can sell his house himself:

Step 1: Complete The Groundwork:

1. Firstly, put placards of ‘house for sale’ in the yard.

2. The next step would be to get his house repaired, painted, etc. so that it is in impeccable condition both externally and internally.

3. It would be beneficial if he gets it pre-inspected. This enables him to become aware of any faults that he might have overlooked. He can get them repaired or price his property so as to take the fault into account. This helps him at a later stage when his property is being inspected by the buyer. At that stage, he is not unaware of anything pointed out by the buyer.

4. Now the property is ready for sale.

Step 2: Evaluate The Price of The Property:

The owner needs to accurately price his property. He can do this by checking prices of similar properties. He could also use the internet to give him an idea about the price of his property.

Step 3: List The Property:

There are a number of property listing websites available. So, the owner can select a site which fulfills his requirements and list his property there.

Step 4: Market The Property:

For any kind of sale, effective marketing is the key. In order to market the real estate, the owner needs to take pictures from various angles and upload it on the site. He uploads a description of the property. The description should be precise and contain details regarding the number of rooms, bathrooms, location, etc. He can additionally highlight any extra features like a swimming pool, gym, etc. In addition to uploading this information, he can also get fliers made and distribute them. All these marketing tools enable him to reach out to a wide range of buyers. Advertising a house for sale on the internet has the advantage that the data uploaded can be altered at any stage.

Step 5: Inspection:

Buyers will be interested in viewing the property. So, the seller should arrange for a visit. Most buyers bring an inspector to check the property thoroughly.

Step 6: Make a Legal Contract:

Once the property is approved by the buyer, a legal contract needs to be made. This will be signed by both the seller and the buyer.

For selling your property in Australia, one of the best websites is Minus The Agent. You can list, advertise, market and sell your real estate easily using this site.

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