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February Special. Ends 28/02/2023

Among Australia’s top property sites, is at the top of the industry. The site entertains the traffic of more than 3 million people each month. No doubt, the best service from them has helped endless people find homes for themselves. Advertising on theyask for licensed real estate agents and minus the agent plays its role there. Being a member of Minus the Agent you are authorized to list your property on Australia’s No. 1 site. For more information, log on to We make your marketing more simple & useful., a fraction of the Fairfax Media Network is one of Australia’s leading platform for property dealing that gives you a chance to tell people about your building. Domain has proved its worth by the keeping what it promises.The site holds a good variety of options to make choices and is easy enough to be operated by a layman even. provides its users an easy access from mobile phones. The site enjoys a great rush of the property seekers and succeeds in giving them what they want. Domain has landed into good relations with other partners like Telstra Media, Optus zoo mobile network and much more. Minus the Agent allows you to list your property on Australia’s one of the leading property websites. For more information, log on to We as marketers are here to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so., part of the car group came up in 2009 as one of the most contributing residential real estate websites. Since last so many years the site continued to rise up on Australia’s real estate graph. Homesales has achieved a brand name not by telling people what it is but consumers’ words about what it is, has made it a brand; A brand to rely on. The site is enjoying its increasing popularity among other competitive property sites. The site offers you with picture foretaste option in the search engine. Other useful elements in the website contribute to make it one of the best real estate agents. Minus the agent permits you to get your property roll on for more information you can log on to

The intelligent design of the features available on this site is what fetches the attention of the seekers, whether it is agents or the consumers. allows you to upload the images and the videos of your house in a fascinated manner. The site’s focus is on maintaining the quality of the posts.The site has come up with the app facility and is available in your mobile phones to be accessed has been designed as an app and the features are there the moment you utter from your mouth. The site design has left no side to appeal the consumers as well as the agents. Advertising with minus the agent gives you an opportunity to list your property in one of the best designed and the catchy websites of the industry. For more information you can log on to It’s time to be where the world is.

Homely was founded as an alternative to Australia’s other real estate websites. A wide division of areas, property types, locations and a number displaying clearly with all the types is what makes this site stand out among others. has given no chance to its visitors to find a fault with. The site is on its way of advancement with the services it has been giving to its customers and the trust it’s catching from the entire audience. To make your search easier with, minus the agent gives you the authority to make it your one of the most trusted real estate agent. For more information, log on to

RealEstate1 Pty was discovered in late 2008 and includes Australia’s fastest growing independent real estate advertising website They basically provide substitute of real estate websites for those looking for residential, commercial real estate or any. The best part is it has come up as a best alternative for the real estate agents to list their property on. They enable the site visitors to easily search the listed properties, their information and contact the right agent on the spot. actually fastens the process by not delaying your actions and by availing you the right agent the very moment. They have banged the search engines be it yahoo, Google, Bing or any has got its prominent place. Advertising with minus the agent gives you a chance to list your property on Australia’s most prominent website of the industry. For more information,log on to is the sibling of and is again focused to list Australian properties valued in surplus of $960,000. The clean and crusty appearance of the website leaves no point to impress the visitors of the site. publishes its rich selective newsletters with articles and properties moving far above the ground in the market. Promoting with minus the agent gives you the chance to list your property on Australia’s leading industry portals. For more information, log on to
Minus The Agent

Minus the agent acts as the best advertising tool to get your properties listed on Australia’s top property selling, renting and buying portals. They offer you an easy access to avail the best offers and sell or lease your property at the best prices. It just takes a moment to list with minus the agent and enjoy your dealings with maximum profits. Our aim is to spark something within the consumer and allow them to initiate an idea to grow.

Hannan family is the sole owner of the of Australia’s largest privately owned company. It came out of IPMG’s ownership of the courier news group. Homehound was discovered in the year 2004 It is Australia’s one of the leading real estate portals, that provide free listing services to the vendors dealing with the properties. Homehound has a connection with over 4,000 agency offices and 20,000 agents. They have maintained a very good relation through the newsletters. Minus the agent has the authority to supply listings for various properties in this Australia’s leading property portal. For more information, log on to