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Trouble Free Property Dealings

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Oct,06 2016
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Trouble Free Property Dealing

In the past, buying and selling of property was a cumbersome, time-consuming and an expensive process. It was done by word of mouth and with the help of agents. This had some drawbacks. For instance, it involved middlemen who would charge a commission from both parties. Also, the number of clients one could reach was limited.

But now, we are in the era of the internet. This facility has revolutionised our lives in more ways than one. The Internet, has made its mark in the real estate world also. Today, buyers and sellers of property can directly contact each other online through various property portals. Today a property listed on a website can be viewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Minus The Agent is one such website.

Some of the benefits that it provides its users are:

  • Direct interaction between the owner and the customer.
  • No commission is required to be paid by the buyer or the owner to any agent.
  • This website has a wide reach. So, its property owners are able to get maximum exposure for their property.
  • Owners who list here are able to get maximum returns with minimum expenses.
  • It also provides assistance to its users
  • If an individual wants to sell his home online, one of the most convenient ways is through Minus The Agent. This website provides tools to its users making its usage simple. It offers the flexibility to modify the data uploaded at any time. In addition, it provides the facility of using name and phone number stickers, professional photos, signboards, etc., in order to attract the attention of customers.

    How to sell a home online using Minus The Agent?

    One can register with the site and list their home there. The owner can market the home as per his ideas. He can give a description of the property, highlighting prominent features. He can also add pictures so that the customers can get a clear idea of the home. Any customer will like to view the property before finalising the deal. Therefore the owner should ensure that the home is in good condition before the visit. He should check that all fixtures are in working condition. The house should also be whitewashed if required. Not only the interiors, but even the externally the home should look impressive. The owner should realistically evaluate, the real estate prices in the vicinity and quote a price which adheres to market rate.

    This site provides comprehensive private property listing for private property in all the major cities of Australia. When one lists here, the property also gets listed on websites such as domain.com, realestate.com.au, etc. The number of additional sites the property gets listed on, depends on the package taken by the customer. Different packages for listing the property on the site are available. Once an owner selects his package and pays for it, there are no additional hidden costs. The listing remains on the site till the property is sold.

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