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Online Home Selling

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Mar,14 2017
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Selling a home online is the easiest, fastest and most economical ways of selling it. Online selling of property has become the latest trend in selling a property.

How to sell your home online?

1. In order to sell a home online, you need to select a property listing website with a high traffic so that it is easy for you to reach a large number of prospects.

2. You can do private property listing on the selected site.

3. Next, you need to advertise your home for sale. In order to advertise online, you can upload pictures and video of your property. You also need to provide specific details of your home. All these will enable the prospective buyers to get a clear idea about the home. This will help in attracting the right buyers towards your property.

4. Once buyers select your property, they will contact you for viewing it.

5. You have to ensure that your home is in a good condition externally and internally so as to be approved by the buyers.

6. Once your home is approved by a buyer, you can negotiate the price with the buyer.

7. Once both the buyer and seller agree to a price, the deal is done.

8. You can consult an attorney to draw up the legal papers.

So, you can see that you have become an agent for your property by selling it online.

The process of an online property sale is quite simple. However, there is a problem area. It is the accurate pricing of the home. Most owners tend to overprice their home and this adversely affects the sale. This doesn’t imply that you should underprice it. For accurate property pricing, you should survey the prices of similar properties in your location. You could look up property prices of similar properties on the internet. It also helps to engage a professional to evaluate the price of your property.

Online home

If your property is in Australia, you might think of listing it privately on leading property websites such as realestate.com.au., domain.com.au, etc. But listing on multiple sites will prove to be expensive as each site will charge a fee for listing. So what is the most economical way of listing your property on multiple sites?

The answer is Minus The Agent. It is a property portal of repute in Australia. The main objective of this site is to empower a property owner to make a property deal without an agent.This site charges a one- time fee for the package selected and offers a variety of services to its users.

Services offered by Minus The Agent:

  • Advertising the property online on social media sites.
  • Multiple listing on sites such as realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, etc.
  • Providing professionally prepared ‘For Sale’ boards and marketing brochures.
  • Services such as complete sales support are provided to the users.
  • The listed property remains on the site till it is sold.

The best part is that all these services come at no extra cost to the user.

So, choose Minus The Agent for your property sale !!!

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