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Easy Listing For Direct Selling

December , 3 2016
Blog, General Articles, Selling Property

Let us see how Online Property Sale is Done:

For selling a house, the owner needs to list it online. For listing a house for sale, the owner needs to, first of all, select a site that is reliable and has a wide reach. The listing procedure is different on different sites. So, it is beneficial to understand the listing process and expenses involved before selecting a site. It also helps to verify the authenticity by checking the testimonials, etc before selection of the site.

For your property in Australia, the most reliable site is Minus The Agent. This is a site where an owner can easily list his house for sale.

He then needs to select a relevant package and pay for it.

How to list a house for sale on Minus The Agent:

Upload basic details of your house on the site such as the number of rooms, square foot area of the house, balcony, etc. This helps in attracting buyers whose needs that are satisfied by those specifications.

• Highlight special features such as the location of nearby schools, parks, gym, swimming pool, etc. These helps you market your property better.

• Upload attractive pictures and videos of the house. These help in giving a better idea of the house to the prospective buyers.

• Anyone can list their property easily by following these steps. However, in the case of any confusion, the site guides its users in listing.

Sellers can benefit by listing their property on multiple sites. This improves the visibility of their property and helps in making the sale process faster.

Some of them are,, etc. All these listings can be done at no additional charges.

Besides listing, this portal also provides a host of other facilities such as providing professionally prepared ‘For Sale ‘ boards and high-quality marketing brochures for marketing the property.

They also advertise the property on social media sites.

The site also ensures that a property listed on the site remains there until it is sold.

There are no hidden charges or commissions.

By using the various services provided, an owner will be able to sell his house by himself without involving an agent. This will mean huge savings because real estate agents charge a percentage of the total deal amount.

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