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Agent Free Home Selling

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Feb,24 2017
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agent free home selling

You have decided to sell your home with no agent. It is very easy to sell a property without paying an agent’s commission. You only need to become your own agent.

How do you achieve this?

Let me guide you as to how you can become an agent for your property.

The first step is that you should make up your mind to dedicate some time and effort towards the sale. Selling a home with no agent is not complicated but it requires focused attention. You should not shy away from doing this. This is because what you stand to gain at the end of the exercise is well worth it. You save the entire amount that you would have paid as the agent’s fee.

In order to sell your house yourself, you need to organise it so that it is in a presentable condition. It is a good idea to take the help of a property inspector who can scrutinize your home and update you about any major or minor faults that need to be repaired. Once you are aware of these faults, you can decide whether to get them repaired at your cost. Or you have the option to price your home such that the expense of the repairs is discounted in the price of the property.

home for sale

Once the repair work is completed, you should work on improving the appearance of the home. For this, you may need to de-clutter the premises. This helps in giving a spacious look to the apartment. You can also think of reducing the furniture as this enhances the appeal of the house. You should make sure that both the exteriors and interiors of the house are in good condition.

The next stage is to accurately price your property.  Since overpricing or underpricing a property affect the sale of property, you could use services of a professional for pricing.

After evaluating the price of the property, you are ready to list it on a property listing website. You can think of listing it on social media sites as well.

You now need to market your home. Marketing can be done by putting ‘For Sale’ banners in the yard of the house. You can further market it by advertising on the website. You can highlight any special features that the house might have. You can upload HD photos of the house. You can use the photos to make fliers containing all the information and distribute them.

Once you have done the publicity for your home, you will have prospective buyers trying to contact you.

You can take the buyer for inspection of the property and get your property approved.

After approval, you can negotiate with the buyer and finalise the deal,

The next stage is signing the contract for which you will need to hire the services of a lawyer.

Though you might need to pay for various services (inspector for the property, evaluator, and lawyer), the overall expense is very low when compared with the agent’s commission.

So, do not hesitate and be your own agent for your home!!!

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