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How To Achieve No Agent Property Deals

November , 3 2016
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If you have a property to be sold or rented, you can do it without the help of an agent. This is because the internet has made a foray into the real estate world. It has helped in shifting control of a property deal from the hands of an agent to the hands of the owner. Now, the owner does not need to share his profit with anyone.

Sell House With No Agent Commission

Selling a house on your own is a simple process although it warrants your dedicated attention. All that you need to do is ensure that your house is in a good condition internally and externally. Then price it accurately. List it on a property portal. Advertise your property for sale privately. Interested buyers will connect with you. You can negotiate directly with the buyers. Sell the house at your price.

Rent a Property

Renting your property also entails similar steps. You need to list your property on a property listing site. Advertise your property for rent. Wait for responses from prospective tenants. Negotiate with the tenant and finalise the contract.

Sites For Advertising Property

When an owner wants to sell or rent out his property, he needs to select a site where he will advertise his property. There are a large number of property listing websites available. Therefore, a property owner can list on more than one site if he desires. But this can prove to be expensive as each site may require payment of a fee.

For effective advertising of property on the site, the owner will need to upload attractive pictures of the house. This will help in enticing customers. It will also give a clear idea of the house to the prospective buyers. The owner will also need to upload a description of the property. Although there is no limit on the number of words used, it helps to keep the description precise as people don’t find lengthy descriptions engaging. Advertising a property on the internet has the benefit that, the owner has the flexibility to alter the information at any time.

For advertising your property located in Australia, there a number of websites available such as,,,,, etc.

One of the leading websites is Minus The Agent. This is a site where you can list your property for sale or rental by selecting an appropriate package. Once you select a package you will need to pay the fee for the package. This site provides you the benefit of multiple listings on other top property websites at no additional cost. Your property remains listed on the site till the deal is done.

This site also provides 24/7 support to its users. It guides it users from listing to sale as and when required by them. Using Minus The Agent is the most economical way of making a property deal. This is because this site ensures that you get maximum returns for the minimal amount you pay for the package.

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