The Quickest Way To Sell Your Own Home

7 Steps To Becoming An Agent For Your Property

November , 25 2016
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Worried about selling your home. Don’t worry!! You can sell your home yourself !! We will clear any confusions you might have regarding how to sell your house yourself.

Follow this step-wise guide about selling your house yourself and you will realize how simple it really is.

Step 1: De-clutter and Organise Your Home

If you have to sell your home its condition should be impressive. You need to clean it so that any it doesn’t have any unnecessary material. An uncluttered house looks more spacious and therefore is more appealing to the prospective buyers. You should next aim to check if all the faucets and fittings are in working condition. Your next area of concern should be that there is no major fault such as leakage or cracks. You could consider getting your home pre-inspected as this will help you in getting your home professionally scrutinized. This way you will be aware of major/ minor faults. Depending on these, you could decide either to get them repaired or to alter the price of your property to take care of it.

You could also consider engaging the services of a home staging company to take care of your house.

Step 2: Accurately Price Your House

Pricing is a very critical step and should not be taken lightly. For proper pricing, you could survey the prices of similar properties in the vicinity or research it on the internet. You could even consider hiring professional services for valuation of your property.

Step 3: List Your Property For Sale

Listing a home is not very difficult as there are a number of home selling sites available on the internet. However, the availability of numerous sites can lead to confusion regarding site selection. You can study the features of various sites and select a site which fulfills your requirements. You could also consider the option of multiple listing on different sites.

Step 4: Advertise Your Property On The Site

You can advertise effectively by uploading photographs of the house on the website. You can also upload a brief description of your home. Since it is your home, you are the best person to describe it. Online advertising also gives you the option to upload videos of your property. The content of your advertisement goes a long way in converting a view into an enquiry.

Step 5: Communicate With Prospects

Once your property appears on the website, prospective buyers will contact you. You can decide on a mutually convenient time for inspection of your property.

Step 6: Inspection of Property

For a sale to culminate, the prospective buyer has to approve of the property. For this, the property is inspected by the buyer. Some buyers might even bring a professional inspector for checking the condition of the property.

Step 7: Negotiation

You might have a doubt in your mind as to ‘ how to negotiate the best price while selling a home’. Once you have priced your property, you only need to decide on the minimum amount that you will accept for your home. Don’t compromise on a price below it. This will help you in negotiating.

So, by following these steps you have become an agent for your property !!

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