5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

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Aug,01 2017
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You have made the decision to sell your own home. So, what’s next? Selling your own home doesn’t happen overnight. You may need to prepare your home for sale and make sure it is ready for public viewing. Remember, your goal every time an interested buyer comes to your home is make a lasting impression that this is a good deal. So, how do you get started with the preparations? Below are 5 ways that will help you keep everything organised as you walk through a potential buyer to your home.

  1. Clear out the clutter

This is definitely a must when trying to convince a potential buyer that this could be their perfect home, take time to clear out the clutter to make the place look spacious. Keep in mind that buyers want a place where they could put their own furniture and belongings that would remind them of “home”. See to it that any clutter is removed like stack of mail lying on the kitchen table or pile of dirty clothes that can distract the buyer’s attention from seeing your home’s awesome features.


  1. Make the entire place spotlessly clean

Even if you have a handful of errands to attend, don’t forget to clean your place before placing a “For Sale” sign. Why? A potential buyer might be in the neighbourhood doing house hunting and could stumble on your home, then want to have a look through. I’m sure you don’t want this buyer to find the place in a mess. When preparing your home for sale, one of the tasks you need to prioritise is doing general cleaning, ensuring that every corner including the unseen spaces free from dust and dirt. If you can’t do this alone, hire a professional cleaning service company to help do a spring clean before you sell your home.


  1. Do the necessary fixes

No one would like to move in a house with unfixed issues like wobbly window frames or a front door knob that can’t be locked. While you still have plenty of time preparing your home, assess the parts of your home that may require fixing like leaking faucet, chipped tiles in the kitchen or  light bulbs that may need replacing and attend to these issues before a potential buyer notices them during a home inspection.


  1. Highlight the best spot of your home

What’s the best spot of your home that any potential buyer would fall in love? Is it the garden or perhaps your newly renovated kitchen? Highlighting the best spot of your home could make a difference when a potential buyer arrives at your place. For example, if your walkway is surrounded with flower beds, ask a landscape provider to conduct regular visit to care and maintain the beauty of flower plants. You can also add other decorations to liven this spot. On the other hand, if your home’s distinct spot is a spacious backyard, why not transform it into an inviting outdoor space. I’m sure there are affordable outdoor furniture pieces that won’t cost much for this total makeover project. Be sure to show this best spot to your home viewers and highlight the many things they could do there such as hold a weekend barbecue party with friends.


  1. Presenting your home

Lastly, making your home as homely as possible can capture a potential buyer’s attention. During a scheduled home inspection give the impression that this is a comfortable place to live in. How to do that? See to it the entire place smells fresh, every furniture piece is in the right place, no issues of broken fixtures and let the buyers feel like they are at home. Besides, presenting a home with no flaws will give you an advantage during the negotiation process.

Selling a home can be overwhelming, but if you take into account some of the above tips to prepare your home for sale, they could reduce some of the stresses of selling your home. Plus if you choose Minus The Agent to sell your home you can reduce the stress of the cost of selling as you can sell it yourself! NO COMMISSION PAYABLE EVER!


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prepare your home for sale

How to prepare your home for sale, clean and tidy



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