Just Listed – 119 Jerrang Street, Indooroopilly

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Sep,24 2017

New Listing – 119 Jerrang Street, Indooroopilly 

We help owners list any sort of residential or commercial property! For sale by owner or for rent by owner, you name it. By listing of a range of different residential and commercial property websites, owners can have peace of mind knowing their property is getting the exposure it needs.

We have just recently submitted the listing for 119 Jerrang Street, Indooroopilly, Queensland, continue reading to find out more.

Don’t look at this house if you want to look out of your window and see the neighbour’s fence. This place has views of sky and mountains. It is filled with light, cooling summer breezes and warm winter sunshine.


Don’t look at this house if you want to impress people with a grand exterior, but if you are looking for a practical, comfortable home with individual charm, this could be what you are looking for.

Don’t look at this house if you want to live in a quiet backwater, but consider it carefully if you need convenient access to good schools, the city, or the University of Queensland.

Don’t look at this house if you want open plan living, a white plastic kitchen or a swimming pool, but if you want lots of useful spaces with storage galore and Caesarstone kitchen benches, check it out.

This is a home for discerning individuals; where children have been nurtured, pictures painted, novels written and boats built; where a family can be together or go off into their own nooks to follow individual interests. Now it could be yours.

We are all about seeing happy customers with extra savings. And these owners of the property along St Kilda Road will have that soon enough as this property is one of a kind! Want to book an inspection or see when the property is available to view? You can check out all our listing’s including this one by clicking the link https://www.minustheagent.com.au/search-properties/

Maybe you have a property you want to put on the market. Take the different approach to selling and have a look at what Minus The Agent has to offer! We will be happy to help. We specialise in a wide range of areas so let us know when we can help. https://www.minustheagent.com.au/view-packages/ See all the packages but following the link.

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