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Selling your House Online V/S Agent Selling

January , 20 2016
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People often choose to sell their property through an agent because they are not having enough time or the required skills to sell their property on their own. While, in most of the cases there is lack of awareness of selling property without appointing an agent. Since the involvement of agents in selling properties is a conventional method, but the use of online portals to find out the potential buyers has overpowered the trend.

What does Selling Through Estate Agents Include?

Estate agents perform numerous functions according to the client’s demand. They literally act as mediators who represent your house to the potential buyers, evaluate your property, negotiate, communicate with the potential clients, answer their queries, take up the charge of all the documentation and make the final deal to earn a commission out of your property.

No doubt, selling your property through agents minus all your work pressure, but in return it demands higher commissions for selling. To eliminate these unavoidable payments, online agents serve as the best option. With the advent of high technology, advertising, pricing your house, finding potential buyers, communicating or doing paper work hardly demands your time. It just needs a click on the mouse to make the perfect deal and the work is done without employing any real estate agent.

Online Selling

With the initiation of advanced technology, people have also turned advanced. They don’t keep themselves limited to the properties that agents show. Potential buyers will definitely not miss the search of real estate web market to find the property of their dreams. However, this cannot be considered the sole reason for selling property online than estate agents but there are lot more advantages of selling property online.

No Commission

Choosing Estate agents to sell your property demand a set amount of commission from the price of selling which means the entire selling amount is not yours. Whereas, selling property online does not ask for any agents and commissions.

Be Your Own Representative

By choosing an online agent to sell your property, you choose to be your own representative. Obviously, nobody else knows your possession better than you, so you can describe your possession vividly. On the other hand, an agent will judge your property on the basis of surroundings, its condition or other visible features. They may not be having all the answers to the buyer’s questions also.

To conclude, estate agents may prove to be helpful in many ways, but they are very expensive as compared to the online agents and take more time as well. Dealing with your property on your own without any agent will be a direct agreement with the potential buyer and a quick deal in short.

Sell Your Home Yourself

There are many thoughts that come in mind before taking the decision of selling your home. Here are some tips for selling your home yourself, which will help you sell it at a good price to extract maximum profit.

Advertise Online if you Want to Sell Your Home

You must be thinking about the time when you bought it. And, now you are selling your home on your own. It is a hard decision to take as there must be many sweet memories attached to your home. But, if you have decided to list your home for sale, you have the right to do it yourself; after all you are selling your own property. It is your right to know the buyer who is going to buy your home. By talking to the buyer, you may come to know whether he/she is a genuine buyer or not. There are various ways to advertise, like advertising your property online, where you can upload the information of your home. The easiest way is to hang the board outside saying “For Sale.”

Commission free, if Sold By The Owner

Selling your own home cuts the agent cost. There are other mind troubling factors also, which come in the mind if an agent is involved. It can be risky too because you do not know him well. He is just a random person whom you will be trusting while the sale of your own home. Even if, everything falls in place then also you have to give him the commission for which he was hired, which will be less profitable to you.

Money Directly in the Hands of the Homeowner

It’s a saying that money is your money if it’s in your pocket. So if you are an owner and want to sell your home on your own it means the money that you will receive, will be handed directly in your hands. It will not travel from an agent and then to you. Think about, you are dependent on the agent for your money that you are supposed to be getting after selling your own home! Various thoughts related to “what if” come to your mind uncontrollably. These thoughts make you anxious every day; homes must be sold by the owner himself.

Setting the Price

There is another benefit of selling your home on your own. The buyers take an interest in buying the property sold by the owner as it will also save their agent cost. Sellers always want to sell at a higher price and the buyers want the exact opposite. You do not know the conspiracy behind the seller and the agent and vice-versa. So, it is suggested to fix the deal directly and you may bargain the price the way you want. If the price is right and the buyer is genuine, just take the next step.

No Expense

Do not spend on your current home in order to attract the buyers. Refinishing the floors, getting the kitchen redone, painting the walls, etc. These will just add up to your expenses. Keeping your home neat and tidy is enough. Those who really need and like will definitely buy it.

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