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September , 19 2016
Selling Property

There was a time when the sole ‘custodian’ of real estate information was the real estate agent. If you needed to buy or sell a property you had to seek his help. The intervention of the internet has made all information about the real estate market available on your fingertips. Today you can easily access any data about your dream home, its neighbourhood, details about the owner, etc, at the click of a button. To shop for property on the internet is a phenomenon that has come to stay.

For the seller, online selling offers many advantages:

1. It is a quick and easy means of advertising your property.

2. The cost incurred for listing the property is minimal when compared to the exorbitant amounts that were paid to the agents.

3. There can be direct communication between the buyer and the seller online, avoiding the old methods of phone calls. This method also avoids the middlemen.

4. You can upload more photographs online than in the newspaper which will help you in attracting more viewers.

5. You can also highlight special features of your property. This is beneficial when you are trying to sell to an audience outside your geographical area.

6. Once you pay for a package, you are not required to pay anymore till the property is sold. Whereas when you advertise in the newspaper if you want to renew your advertisement, you need to pay again and again.

7. For a buyer, online property dealing provides the benefit that they can apply suitable filters and search a property of their choice hence saving time and effort in looking at unwanted properties.

When you are contemplating to buying or selling a property in Australia, one of most popular real estate websites is Minus The Agent. This site guides a property owner through each and every stage that is from listing to making the sale. They help you advertise your property by uploading pictures, highlighting any special feature and preparing a marketing brochure. This brochure can be downloaded in PDF form and used. If you check the customer reviews on the site, you will find a number of satisfied customers. When you use this site, you can become the property dealer yourself. You can communicate directly with the buyer; take him for inspection and with your personal touch, the effect of the site visit will be a completely different experience; you can directly quote a price and also negotiate directly with the customer.

All in all, there is no easier, safer and better website than MinusThe Agent for listing and advertising your property. This is because they not only have a huge client base, but their client base is constantly expanding. They also list your property on and They additionally offer listing of the property on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. without any additional charges depending on your package. This site promises you maximum returns on minimum investment.

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