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How to Prepare Your Home For Selling

January , 24 2017
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When you plan on selling your home, you have to prepare your home so that the buyers find it hard to resist.  In order to do this, it is a good idea to step into the buyer’s shoes and see the house from his point of view. Once you view your home as a buyer, then you will have a better idea about what he expects from your house.

There are certain basic guidelines you can follow to improve the condition of your home.

1. Cut the clutter:

Remove excess items in the home. It could be excess furniture, books, lamps, show pieces, etc. Removal of these items gives your home a spacious look.

2. Rent a storage unit:

It is beneficial to rent a storage unit temporarily to store your excess items.

3. De-personalise:

When a prospect comes to see the house, he is looking for his home there, not yours. Therefore, it is beneficial to remove any items that are personal in nature. These could be photographs etc.

4. Touch up the walls:

When the bulky items are removed from the house, you will be surprised to see the condition of the walls. You may have removed paintings and photographs. This will leave nail holes, etc in the walls. So your walls will need to be attended to.

Tocuh Up On All The Walls

5. Take care of minor repairs:

There might be many items that need to be repaired and set right before the prospective buyer comes to view it. For instance, you might need to repair any cracked floor or counter tiles; patch any holes in the walls; fix any leaky faucets; fix any doors and cabinets that jam; repair any broken windows etc; replace burned out bulbs; repair any electrical fixtures such as switches, etc, which are faulty.

6. Clean:

The house should be cleaned thoroughly.

7. Clean the bathrooms:

The tiles in the bathrooms should be scrubbed clean so that it looks sparkling.

8. Open the windows to let  in the sunlight:

A well lit and ventilated home is liked by most people. So, it is beneficial to let natural light into the house.

9. The exteriors of the house should also be appealing:

The lawn should be mowed; plants neatly trimmed and the exterior should be painted.

Though the list is not exhaustive, these are some ways to prepare a home for selling.

It could be beneficial to hire professional services of a pre-inspector and a home staging company to help in preparing the home for selling.

A home staging firm will help in enhancing the look of the house which could help you in selling your home at a higher price.

A pre-inspector will be able to scrutinise major and minor faults that need to be attended to. You can decide whether to repair the defect or to reduce the price of your property to take care of the defect.

These will involve expenses, but they will benefit you in the long run.

Follow these tips and prepare your home for a successful sale!!

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