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May , 9 2019
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As UK’s Purple Bricks announces they are leaving the Australian market, Australia’s own Minus The Agent is thriving. Minus The Agent offers Aussies a truly game-changing online real estate service that saves thousands in agent commission fees.

Minus The Agent is continuing to disrupt the real estate market with their commission-free DIY online service for property sales and management in the wake of the announcement that online real estate company Purple Bricks is leaving the Australian market. Minus The Agent is more committed than ever to helping Australians buy, sell and rent property and save thousands of commission fees associated with using traditional bricks and mortar real estate agencies.

UK company Purple Bricks entered the Australian market in 2016 promising to provide an alternative for Australians who were frustrated by commissions costing Australians an average of $13,500 (up from an average of $1,970 over the past 30 years). Their flat-fee or low-cost agents challenged the traditional real estate model in Australia, but ultimately it is flat-fee DIY online services from Minus The Agent that have created real value for money for Australians.

Unlike Purple Bricks, Minus The Agent is thriving in the challenging real estate market. Conditions have seen more people opting for the full DIY service as opposed to traditional real estate; or part fixed fee services offered by Purple Bricks. Minus The Agent has succeeded in shaking things up in the real estate industry by giving property owners and buyers a reliable and truly disruptive alternative to traditional real estate agencies. Australian owned and operated, with expertise in the Australian real estate market, Minus The Agent understands how to take advantage of the digital age to create value for Australians.

Minus The Agent empowers clients to manage their property listings through a powerful online portal that lists their property on and Domain for a flat fee, while providing online support and expertise from real estate agents. The entire process can be managed by the client from beginning to end at their own convenience, cutting out the traditional agent middle man.

Taking advantage of the digital age, Minus The Agent is efficient and cost-effective while still providing clients with excellent customer service.

Best choice to manage your own property

“If you want to axe agent fees, Minus The Agent is your best choice. It is easy to follow and list your property on and domain. You can work on your own just like a PM. Sarah is so helpful. I strongly recommend for anyone who want to manage property without agent.” Garnet – Trustpilot

With sophisticated tools, expert knowledge of the real estate market and responsive customer service, Minus The Agent has created real change in the Australian real estate market. Are you looking for a reliable Australian owned and operated online real estate service? Minus The Agent offers the best commission-free services in Australia. With an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can confidently present and sell your home using Minus The Agent.

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