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No Commission House Sales

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Feb,01 2017
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no commission house sales

Selling a house by using the services of an agent implies paying a huge commission to the agent. Also, you are at the mercy of the agent to sell the house as his pace and conditions. For a fast house sale, the best method is to eliminate the agent and DIY house selling.

You might be confused about how to sell a house yourself. Sale of a property by an owner is not rocket science. It is a simple process. However, it does require you to allocate your time and efforts towards selling it. Though it requires your efforts, you can save time and money when you self sell a house.

Agents generally charge a percentage of the sale proceeds as their fee. Avoiding them means that you don’t have to share the profit with anyone. So the investment of your time and efforts for such high gains is totally worth it. Also, it is not every day that you will be selling your home, so you can think in terms of  giving due attention to it.

sell your home without an agent

As the owner of a home, you might have doubts such as how can I sell my place? Who will buy my place? This was a problem a few years ago when the only way for you to find a buyer was through an agent. But, not anymore. The internet has completely changed the way in which the real estate market operates now.

The internet has introduced the concept of online selling of property. Online selling is a simple means of selling property from the comfort of your home. Selling a property online implies

1. Selection of a property portal.

2. Listing property on the site

3. Marketing it online by uploading photographs and descriptions.

4. Pricing it

5. Connecting with the buyers

6. Inspection

7. Negotiating

8. Signing legal contract.

The above-mentioned steps can be carried out by you without involving anyone. Since it is your home, you are in the best position to market it. You can add value to the process by giving it a personal touch.

By advertising your property online you will be able to reach a large number of buyers. This is because properties listed online can be viewed easily by buyers. Most property seekers are preferring to look for homes through the internet. This is because of various conveniences the internet offers the buyers. Searching a house online is easy for a buyer because he can also do it from the comfort of his home; he can use the search filters to find a property of his choice; he can also save on the agent’s fee; he does not have to make unnecessary visits to view properties as he can shortlist them based on the information provided, etc.

With so many conveniences to the buyers and sellers of property, online property selling will only increase in popularity.

When it comes to property listing sites in Australia, one of the best websites is Minus The Agent. This site offers multiple benefits to its users. So, go ahead and use the services of this site!!

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