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How to Take Great Real Estate Photos

July , 5 2019
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In the digital era, the majority of buyers are purchasing a property that they found online first. Online property investors are attracted to striking photographs and this can dramatically speed up the buying process. High quality real estate photography can make your property sell 32 times faster than a property with low-quality or unappealing photography. Days on the market can be reduced with high quality photography that showcases the best attributes of your property.

86% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to search for property in Australia, so when selling or renting, your online listing is extremely important. Over 3 million people visit every month, so a listing with stunning photography of your property can make your listing stand out from the rest.

If your property doesn’t present well online, there is less of a chance that the buyer will take the next step of booking an in-person inspection.

At Minus The Agent, we facilitate online listings for our clients and have seen thousands of online listings posted through our platform. These are out top tips for optimising your online listing with high quality professional photography.

1. Plan your photoshoot and schedule enough time

Creating the perfect representation on your home takes time and planning. A rush job is the quickest way to end up with photos that do not best represent your property.

Generally, a real estate listing will have the following shots:

  • 2 wide angle shots of each bedroom, the kitchen and the living room.
  • 1 photo of the bathroom, unless it’s particularly beautiful or spacious.
  • 1-3 photos of the backyard unless it has some unique features.
  • 1-2 shots of the front of the home to show off the ‘curb appeal’.
  • 1 shot each of features such as laundry room, garage, and pantry.

Take a walk through the property and plan the best angles and positions to get the shots you need for the listing. Schedule an appropriate amount of time for the photoshoot to ensure you are are happy with photos.

2. Organise your equipment

Are you going to hire a professional photographer or DIY the photoshoot? If you are going to take the photos yourself it is important that you have the right gear. While modern phone cameras can take excellent photographs, it does pay to borrow or hire a professional DSLR camera to get high quality imagery. You will also need a few different options for lenses, a tripod to steady the camera and a flash to create diffused light effects.

3. Clean and declutter your property

It is important that potential buyers or renters can visualise themselves in the property. While your property may be lived in and homely, when it comes to professional real estate photography the property must present as clean and clutter free. Remove magnets from the fridge, clean clutter from all surfaces, hide toothbrushes and decor on counters, clean the mirrors, put down the toilet lid and remove all of the clutter that builds up over time in a lived-in property. Your property will look fresh, spacious and clean in the photography after being cleaned and decluttered.

4. It’s all about the lighting

The right lighting in your photography will greatly impact the aesthetic of the real estate photography. To get the best shots, you can plan to shoot exterior shots during sunrise or sunset hours. Make use of natural and artificial light to make the rooms look spacious and bright, or to highlight different features of the room. Use different flash and exposure options. For example, you can create an ambient diffused light effect by positioning the the flash towards a rear wall or to the ceiling to bounce the light throughout the room.

5. Make the most of different shooting techniques

If you scroll through real estate listings on or Domain you will notice that the real estate photography makes use of different techniques to showcase the best features of the property. Some of these techniques includes using unique points of view (POV) as shooting low can help to showcase the full breadth and length of a room and highlight how spacious the space is. Balancing the the composition with a foreground, a middle-ground and a background creates depth and results in a compelling image. Making the most of shooting techniques can create interesting and striking images that highlight the best features of your property.

6. Add the finishing touches in post-production

Post-production is the most important step in the process. Using programs like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to touch up your images is essential to create beautiful digital images. Play around with the saturation and the exposure to make your images look warm and inviting.

The real estate rental and buying markets are highly competitive, and with potential buyers scrolling though a multitude of listings online it is important that your listing stands out from the pack. High quality photography is essential to showcase your property and get you the best results when you are listing a property online for rent or for sale. At Minus The Agent, our real estate customer service team are experts in creating effective real estate listings.

We take the hassle out of buying, selling or renting property. Our easy and efficient platform means that you can create your own online listings on all the major real estate websites without thousands of dollars of agent commission fees. You are supported by a team of real estate experts to guide you through the process and maximise your results.

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