How Much Does It Cost To Sell My Own House

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Dec,03 2016
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I wanted to sell my home. I was confused how to go about it. I thought maybe hiring a real estate agent was the solution. I thought of engaging one so that my work becomes easy. I met a few of them. I was shocked at the commission they demanded. I was not in favour of spending such a high amount. I wondered how I could accomplish the sale without an agent.

I searched the internet and came to know about online methods of selling a house. I saw that by using these methods, I could avoid an agent. But I was still unsure of how to go about it. I also saw that online property listing involved an expense from my side. Besides this, there were some other expenses involved. I began wondering if it is worthwhile selling the property on my own with so many expenses.

Then I thought of analysing how much does it cost to sell my own home without an agent.

Some of the basic expenses involved when selling a property on your own are:

1. The cost of listing the property on a portal. If multiple listings are done, then charges of listing on individual paid sites.

2. Fees of a professional evaluator for fixing the price.

3. Fees of a pre-inspector hired for checking the condition of the home.

4. The expense involved if the services of a professional home staging company are hired.

5. Expenses incurred towards repair and maintenance of the house.

6. Fees of a lawyer who will be engaged for drawing up the contract.

Other than this there are some additional expenses which I might have to bear. When I calculated these expenses I found that they were much below the agent’s fees. Some services such as home staging will only help me in getting a better price for my home.

So, I decided to take the plunge and sell my property myself. I found that selling the property on my own was not very difficult. I started looking for reliable property portal to list my house. It was then that I came across Minus The Agent, a leading property portal in Australia.

This portal had very attractive features:

1. It is very easy to list a home on this site.

2. One just has to pay for the package selected.

3. The seller can advertise the house in his own way on the site.

4. The site lists the property on other leading real estate websites in Australia.

5. In addition, they provided marketing brochures and sign boards, name boards, etc for marketing the property.

6. There are no hidden charges or extra charges for any optional benefits availed.

7. The listed property remains on the site till sold.

With so many benefits, Minus The Agent was an obvious choice for me. I decided to list my house on this portal and sell my home without an agent. I was confident of selling it myself and saving the costs involved in engaging the agent.

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