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Selling Privately? Find Out How: Part 2

September , 26 2017
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Preparing To Sell Your Home For Sale By Owner in NSW

Preparing your home for sale by owner in NSW is probably one of the most important tasks of all time. This involves everything, cleaning and fixing any issues that may decrease the value of your home. Cleaning involves, de-cluttering, carpet cleaning, mowing of the lawns, painting a fresh coat and everything else to make it inspection ready. This also includes you deciding on a price or reserve, depending on the sale, and all paperwork that needs to be complete.

Being a motivated seller will always make the house repairs and cleaning a lot more bearable. If some things are out of your league there is always a tradesmen that you can call to the job without the aid of a real estate agent.

There are always some thoughts that you have to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to selling your own ‘for sale by owner NSW’. Strangers are going to be walking in to picture this as “their home” and will be picky. They are going to want the least amount of clutter so they can visualise themselves living here. They may also be trying to find all or any faults in your property so that the price can be negotiated. Feedback is always what you aim for as can strive for greater things at your next open home if they didn’t go the way you have planned first time around.

Potentially having a critic around before your property is put on the market could help. Whether that can be a relative, friend, work colleague etc, find someone you can trust and will give you honest feedback.for sale by owner - blog

When it comes to the price of your property there are many different things you need to know as it can and will have a major impact on the sale of your home. You will need strong knowledge of the real estate market in your area and look at all the similarities to your home as well as a personal idea on what your property is worth. Having this knowledge is crucial as this can determine whether you market your home to cheap or expensive. If it is too low, it will only be a win for the buyer and you may feel you could have done better. On the other hand if it is too high, it could rule out buyers and the sale period may end up being longer than expected. You can do everything you can to make sure the sale or accurate and that the property is priced right and there are people to help you achieve this, not just a real estate agent.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be continuing to share our views on selling, the tips and tricks every owner wants to know and also how to get the best marketing achieved for your property.

We are all about helping you and seeing results when a property is for lease or for sale by owner in New South Wales. Have a commercial or residential property you wish to sell yourself but not sure how too..? We can help! Contact us today to find out more!

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