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Sep,02 2016
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Why to hire anyone, if you can do it yourself. Of course the agent will do all the work for you but in return will expect hefty money from you. So, it’s the time to learn and fix the deal yourself and fill your pockets to the brim.

It’s Easy

If you are planning to sell or rent your house on your own and this is your first experience, and a little worried, then drop your worries and get started. It’s an easy way. Just list your property on the renowned property portals with comprehensive information and go in full swing. You can sell or rent your own house without an agent and without paying any commission.

Prepare a Lease Agreement

Always prepare a lease agreement before the deal is done. You may hire a lawyer to review the lease agreement to check that, it doesn’t contain any illegal requirements and is correctly composed. Also, this will protect you from financial harms. A proper lease agreement contains various things; the rent, the duration for which a tenant can stay there and other responsibilities of both landlord and tenants. Establish some criteria for the tenants to avoid further troubles. In case you are selling your property, then get all the paper work done beforehand.

Maintain The Hygiene In And Out

It is very important to maintain your house. You can attract the potential customers for your house if the basic hygiene is maintained. So, make sure the surroundings are clean and tidy. Maintaining the hygiene is not only important for the financial gains but also for the health concerns.

Open Your House

The most convincing way to get the best buyers or renters for your house is to let them view your property. This can certainly be done by fixing the hours of visiting or by prior appointment. Also, be courteous and generous to your clients.

Present Your Home Magnificently

It is the most important part of your deal. So, it is really important to present your house attractively. For this, get the professional photo shoot done to attract the buyers or renters. This will instantly catch the best clients for you. There are a few things that must be done in advance.

• Make the surroundings clutter free
• Clean all the doors, windows and the whole property
• Repair and fix the things not in place
• Set the sight by keeping beautiful things in front like lighting, accessories and more
• Manage your furniture to give it a spacious look
• Keep the stairways, front, living area, dining room very clean as these are the inviting parts of your property

Buying and Renting need planning. If you want to retire wealthy, you need to make a beneficial plan for yourself and you alone cannot do it. You need tips, tricks, guidance and expert advice to make the most of your savings and retire contentedly. There is always something new to learn. Besides wisdom, selling and renting also yearn a great financial sense.

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