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Cheapest Way To Sell A Property

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Nov,25 2016
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Ways to Sell Your Home

If you have a home to sell, you might wonder, how can I sell my home? You might think the only way possible to sell it is by using the services of a real estate agent. What if I told you can sell your house without engaging an agent!! Surprised!! You are now wondering how can I sell my house without a real estate agent?

Well, the methods of dealing in real estate have changed over the years. More and more people are now attempting to sell their homes themselves. The way the concept of selling a property by the owner is becoming popular, it appears that soon property sales through agents will become obsolete.

Selling a property does involve expenditure by the owner. But it is a good idea to compare the expenses involved in selling through an agent and selling by yourself.

Some of the general expenses involved in selling a house are:

Agent’s Commission:

This forms the major chunk of the expenses involved. This is because agents charge a % of the sale price as their fee.

Lender’s Fee:

This is applicable if the owner has not cleared the loan he might have taken to purchase the property. He might pay his loan ahead of time so that it is cleared before the sale. The lender may charge a prepayment penalty or an early exit fee.

Lawyer’s Fee:

A lot of legal paperwork is involved in selling a property. Therefore, the owner will need to hire a lawyer for this work.

Cost Of Repairs:

The house needs to be in a good condition so that it is approved by the buyers. For this the seller will need to get repair work, etc carried out at his cost.

The Cost of Vacating The Premises:

The owner will need to spend on moving to new premises.

From the above list, it is clear that all the expenses other than hiring an agent cannot be avoided. Since selling a property without an agent is possible, one can easily avoid this expense. If the agent is avoided, the seller will need to incur additional expenses of listing on a paid property website and maybe hiring the services of an evaluator to assess the price of the property. But these costs are very low when compared to the commission charged by the agent. Therefore, selling your house without an agent is the cheapest way to sell your home.

Once you have understood the benefits of selling your own home, you will be tempted to try it. Selling your house by yourself is possible because there are a number of websites available to sell your property.

If your property is located in Australia, the best-recommended websites for selling your home are, Minus The Agent, realestate.com.au and domain.com. These sites are visible to a wide range of buyers all across Australia.

Minus The Agent is a site that enables you to list your house on multiple property listing websites by paying just once. This site further helps you to sell your own home by providing free guidance for selling your home.

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