The Quickest Way To Sell Your Own Home

Selling of a property can be done either with the help of an agent or without one. A few years ago, selling property was possible only with the help of an agent. But thanks to the internet, now selling property privately has become simple!

If you plan on selling property privately, you need to think like an agent. In other words, you have to perform the role of an agent for your property. And this is not a simple task! But you definitely stand to gain from it as you do not need to pay an agent’s commission.

Let us take a look at the services an agent provides a seller:

Well! These tasks are not impossible! You can easily become an agent for your property if you go about it in a planned and organised manner.

Here is a brief outline of the steps for selling property privately:

Make your home market ready

Remove the clutter and organise your home. Ensure that there are no items of personal nature in the house. Make sure that your property is flawless by repairing all damaged and defective fixtures/hardware, etc. Painting the home is a good option to enhance its appearance. You could even consider home-staging.

Price Appraisal

Get your property appraised by a professional to price it accurately.

Market your property

Click high-quality photographs of your property which you can upload on the property listing site. You can also upload a virtual tour to give potential buyers a better idea of your property. Use offline methods such as a newspaper for advertising. Distribute fliers and display “For Sale” boards in your yard. Share the listing on social media sites.Arrange Viewings

You will be able to connect directly to the potential buyers through the property listing site. You can arrange viewings for the prospects. You are the best person to show the property since you know it best and can explain all the highlights.

Negotiate directly

You can negotiate directly with the buyer and offer and close the deal.

By selling property privately, the seller is more in control of the sales process and does not have to share his revenue with anyone!