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February Special. Ends 28/02/2023

Last year, the real estate market experienced a major shift because of the rent my house myself trend. This sector has gone through many twists and turns this year too. There are a couple of surprising advancements and trends which are directing the market.

Below, let’s have a detailed look at these trends:

Technological advancements

The inclusion of technological innovations has impacted all the aspects of the rental industry. These have given rise to the online property listing websites, which are enjoying greater exposure than the renowned agents today. They have completely transformed the way buyers and seller perceiving the market. People are now moving towards rent my house myself instead of hiring a real estate agent. So, it has become essential for the agents to rapidly acclimatise to the new reality.


The concept of blockchain is highly-trending in the real estate. Applications based on the blockchain are transforming the way of interaction between the sellers and buyers and also properties. Now, they have better disintermediation, liquidity, and transparency.

Renters are targeting the particular segments

Renters are paying more attention towards the amenities. They are now focusing on appropriate technology featured systems and other smart perks in their new house. In the coming months of 2018, the use of AI applications, innovative systems and machine learning in software may bring a new change in the rental industry. These disruptions will not only transform the way of property management, but also property valuation. The introduction of chatbots and AI in the rental market can offer quicker, better and more automatic rent my house myself services. All these are the running and upcoming trends to watch this year, for rent my house myself!