Why sell yourself instead of an agent?

Apr,04 2020
Sell home

As we are now live in a world where technology is ever-growing and much more accessible, it opens an avenue to property owners to be able to sell themselves and makes the process easier than ever before. A number of reasons may rush to your mind about the pros of selling your own property and all are sure to be valid. Whether it is saving the money or time communicating or unneeded conversations with the middle person are all thought process’ you should think of when it comes to the sale of your property.

Below is further detail on the key points we think you should know about selling your own home and how YOU can achieve the best results.

Owner’s knowledge is like no other.

You have bought the property, lived there for a period of time, more than likely done some work to it and have gotten to know the neighbourhood better than any sales agent would have. How many times have you been to a property inspection where the agent may not have a convincing answer to a question, or is delayed in returning your call/message? Chances are, they are probably asking the vendor before making contact with a buyer. You can save a lot of time and hassle by being the first and last point of contact with any buyers that enquire and/or come through your home. Plus it allows you to discuss all the hidden gems and bonus’ you have acquainted over the time you have lived in your home.

Inspections/Open Homes – Suit your timeframe

We all know that sometimes agents and vendors can clash with agreed open for inspection times on a Saturday. Unfortunately it is a growing trend now that if an agent’s time doesn’t suit you, then they will delay inspections until the following week. Things are always changing in day to day life, whether it be an emergency commitment, changes by the government about holding open homes or simply personal reasons, it is much easier for you to arrange another time during the week and keeping in contact with potential buyers.


If this wasn’t the first thing you thought of when it came to selling your home, then it is now! It is becoming all too common today with agent fees are on the increase and their work ethic on the decrease. Not only that but they will also ask you to pay a fortune in advertising when you can pay a small percentage of that and NO commission and sell yourself successfully. Keep that money in your pocket and use your skills to sell your own home.

Communication/ No middle man

Communication is key to any sale process between a buyer and seller. Having direct connections with the buyer will allow you to be open minded about the situation and know every process that is happening. No need for delayed responses and half answered questions, it is the straight response. This will make for a much quicker sale where both parties end up happier and less overwhelmed about the situation.

There are many more benefits to selling your home yourself, above are just the main few. All you need to realise is that the accessibility today is a lot easier and with the guidance of the right company, we can help you achieve great results.

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