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Should I invest in property in 2019?

May , 31 2019
Buying Property, Latest News

The changing property landscape has created new 2019 property investment opportunities. It’s the ideal time to buy strategically for sustainable long-term wealth building through property investment.

2019 property market forecasts were gloomy for the first part of the year with the looming federal election, royal banking commission and falling rents in Sydney and Melbourne. However, investor confidence and market activity has risen dramatically post election. Investors with a long-term view are leveraging the investment opportunities in the 2019 property market. Now with the election result, predicted rate cut and a first home buyer’s scheme on the horizon, the property market has significantly buoyed.

Where has the property market confidence come from?

Certainty is returning to the property market since the re-election of the Coalition and the first home buyers scheme has brought about renewed enquiry. There are wider trends at play in Australia that are positively impacting the property market in 2019.

Australia’s population grew by 1.6% in 2018 with 61% of growth due to net overseas migration, employment growth and controlled inflation. This is having positive influence on the property market meaning that investors with a long term capital gain strategies are in a good position to invest in property in 2019. Despite the prediction that property prices would fall or remain flat in 2019, property investor confidence is strong. There are always opportunities in the property market and in a slow market it is a great time to pick up deals.

Where should I buy?

The hotspots in 2019 are in the middle circle around the outskirts of capital cities and in regional areas. The 2018 SmartCompany property investor survey saw 31% of investors reporting that they are looking at detached houses in inner and middle-ring suburbs and 27% are looking at properties with value add potential (renovation or development) as their key investment strategies as short term capital gains and good rental returns becoming harder to achieve. Properties in well-selected regional areas such as the Sunshine Coast were also seen as a favourable investment. In the wake of the election, Finder’s insights manager Graham Cooke has seen traffic on the Finder website increase by 55% visiting first home buyer guides. John Kolenda, managing director of Finsure Group has said “There is evidence of the market bottoming out, so it looks like a good time to start the process of getting into the market .” All of these signs indicate that there is no better time than now to be looking at property investment as a long term wealth building strategy.

2019 property investment

Investors in 2019 are not just driven by yield, returns or tax benefits, but are looking for properties that can be used for personal use or long-term capital gains. Investors need to be smarter than ever now and look at areas with anticipated growth, urban growth corridors, new infrastructure projects and proximity to schools, hospitals and community facilities.  Locations outside of capital cities are offering great opportunities in 2019. Housing is affordable, cash flows are stronger, housing supply is tight and economic conditions are good. Good research, due diligence and revised strategies are more important than ever, but there are more opportunities than ever for smart investors.

What can I do?

Are you looking to leverage new investment opportunities in 2019-21? It is the ideal time to make smart real estate investments. If you are looking for a smart way to buy, sell or rent a property privately in 2019, Minus the Agent is a platform that empowers property investors to take control of their investment portfolio and save thousands in agent fees. Take advantage of the digital age with cutting edge strategies for buying, selling and managing property in 2019 with Minus the Agent.

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