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Sell Your Property Now Privately

February , 5 2020
Selling Property

You also need to handle all the legal and financial paperwork but hiring a solicitor or conveyancer can help with that stuff. There also are a number of websites, such as, to help walk you through the process.

Fortunately, there are some tips to ensure that you sell property privately now and work towards the best outcome:

Prepare your home for sale

Make the necessary repairs, light the house properly, de-clutter every room, touch-up or repaint the rooms if necessary so that when the potential buyers come to visit your open-house, they can make a proper decision. Stick to simpler things like fresh paint and a pristine garden to make your property now more attractive to buyers.

Get the valuations right

Setting a realistic price point is the most important thing. It’s all about hitting that sweet spot between asking for too much money or too little. To make sure that the price point that you’ve set for your home is fair, source at least three valuations from local appraisal agents. In order to get some idea of what the property is worth, ask for a comparative market analysis from them to see what’s recently been sold in the market and for how much.

Stage your property now

Leaving your personal effects around like too many photos on the wall, trinkets on the shelves, toys on the floor, can potentially turn off the potential buyers during the sales process. Buyers, while visiting a property, want to imagine themselves living in the house and making it their own someday. This entire ruckus prevents them from doing that. So make it easier for them to do that by neutralizing the interior of the property now. Any décor that might be controversial or sensitive to others, such as sports or political memorabilia, religious or military icons, should be removed before the buyers visit. Keep it neutral and upbeat.

Be available

The most important part of selling your property now privately is that you have to be available at all times. You must have plenty of time to show your home, have no problem negotiating, and enjoy the challenge of marketing your own house. It’s important that you are ready and flexible to meet the potential buyers and not put them off by turning a simple inspection or meet-up into a difficult task. Don’t do a disappearing act by going on a holiday while your property is still listed for sale.

Market it right

In addition to this, you can also create a few flyers and brochures about the sale of your property now and distribute them around the town.

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