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Once, planned to sell or lease your property it’s hard to visit every now and then and even harder to leave the property open. Uff!! Hectic enough… Here’s the solution:

“Minus the agent” gives you the authority to conduct your schedules to inspect the house at particular slots.

Introducing the to plan your inspections:

Plan your inspections the way you want them to be. All you need to do is:

  • Choose whether you want to rent or sell. List your property for sale or rent on Australia’s Leading Industry Websites
  • Choose the property type and fill all the other details required.
  • Make a suitable selection of the day when you wish to open the property
  • Now set the time slots that suit you and you need not to run when a buyer or renter calls. It’s your entire wish now.

A few simple steps and the inspection is conducted. So, it’s no more a problem to get your property inspected.