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How to Sell Your Own Home

Selling a home can/used to be quite a stressful time. In the past, selling or renting a home was not easy due to lack of awareness and exposure, now we have the internet. Over the years we have been helping our clients to sell or manage their home without an agent. We list you on the go to property sites, plus many more and provide on-going assistance to make the sale or leasing a stress free process. This ever growing industry is great for people to take control of their properties and work towards great outcome We offer a wide array of services with an aim to help thousands of people rent or sell their property quickly.

Big Home for Sell


  • Property listing on various websites such as, and other leading property portals in Australia without additional charges
  • We provide “For sale” photo boards right at your doorstep
  • Our team has the expertise to provide the right advice and guidance
  • We provide professional brochures
  • We offer an ongoing expert customer support
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Our site can be accessed 24/7
  • You are your own boss and have the entire control over your choices.
  • Absolutely no time constraints in selling or renting your property.

How much could you save?

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You could save:


*based on a 2.5% commission fee


Everything from preparing your home and setting the price to open homes, finding a buyer, negotiating, legals and more!

Selling Guide

Guide to sell your own home

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How We Work & Testimonials

How We Work

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Selling or Renting your own property? Minus The Agent Welcomes you!

You know your property the best, so why not be your own real estate agent and sell or rent your own home yourself? Eliminate The Agent In between! We list on Australia’s leading property websites to assist in selling or renting your property.

Here, you can sell your own home without an agent, to save you those thousands in commission.

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Property selling or renting is no longer a problem! There is no agent between you & your potential property buyers!

When real estate agents are involved in selling or renting your property, the anxiety of giving such large commissions to an agent may bother you. But this online service allows you achieve no agent selling and offers complete control of the process. You directly interact with the buyer and escape from these commissions and hidden charges. ..Read More
Sell My Home

Get your property listed on Australia’s largest real estate selling platforms – until SOLD or LEASED.

With us on this online selling platform, one of the best feature’s is that you can directly interact and negotiate with the buyer/tenant. Our service enables clients to list their property on,,, and many more.

Therefore there is no agent required to sell your property . Our aim is to provide you with the best online service to maximise your property’s exposure.

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Latest Properties Sold/Leased

Property selling or renting is no longer a problem! There is no agent between you & your potential property buyers!


Market your Property Online

Market Your Property Online

To sell a house privately on realestate com Au, can be an exciting challenge for most people, especially if you’ve never done it before. While selling your property on your own is never as easy as it seems, it is certainly a feasible way to eliminate paying thousands of dollars

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Sell My Office

Sell My Office: Tips For Selling Commercial Property

In today’s commercial property market, finding a buyer who can purchase within the nominated price range is a challenge. Just like selling residential property, to sell my office is no different. Anyone looking to lease my office or sell my office can do it online virtually all by yourself. There

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Find a Tenant for Your Rental Property

How to Find a Tenant for Your Rental Property?

When you are considering advertising for rent by owner com, there are certain ways you can advertise without involving real estate agents. In fact, in today’s competitive real estate industry, the most cost-effective and accepted way to advertise your rental property is on the Internet. Advertising your rental property is

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Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller, and shine it on the customer. Your customer was once in the shopper’s shoes, debating what product to choose, comparing prices, reading marketing message after marketing message.


Highly Recommended

Thanks Minus The Agent so far we are happy with your help and responses and the advertising. Definitely will need and use you every time we have something to sell or lease.

James D

Living Home Furniture

Great Service

I have used Minus The Agent a few times and they always provide a great service with a good price.

Henry S

Tania Anderson

Will Use Again!

Fast outcome and great communication skills, thank you Minus The Agent.

Michael T


I Received More Than An Agent Thought!

I managed to receive a significantly higher price for my property then quoted by local Agents without their expensive fees. The support from Minus the Agent was excellent and would have no hesitation using them again.

Mr Roxby


Excellent Service

Excellent service, excellent product with great email support. Will continue to use these guys again in the future and 100% recommend others to give it a try.

Joe M

N Matthews

Easier Than I’d hoped

Very easy throughout advertising process. From: creating Advertisement, making Ad live, amendments to Ad, potential tenants contacting me and contacting potential tenants back. Highly recommended to all.

Ben H


Quick & Efficient

Very easy to deal with, simple process, good price, quick response to queries.

Brett I


Fantastic Service

Minus The Agent is great, thank you!!!

Nigel A

Paul and Ross

I Have Saved A Lot Of Money!

The process has worked well for me and I thank you for your support along the way. Most importantly I’ve saved a lot of money.

Peter R

Big Home Ground Floor

The Price We Wanted!

Easy to use and very helpful staff. We saved ourselves the commission asked by agents and got the price we wanted.

Gerhard and Glenys

N Matthews

We Will Be Coming Back!

I am also very pleased with the way the process has gone under your listing, and I certainly will be using your service when next needed.


Smiley Couple Signing

The Price We Wanted!

Easy to use and very helpful staff. We saved ourselves the commission asked by agents and got the price we wanted.

Gerhard and Glenys