1008 Marked Tree Road, Hamilton TAS

A unique natural opportunity in Hamilton Tasmania

Phone enquiry code for this property : 5100

This rare parcel of land affords the opportunity to preserve a part of Tasmania’s’ Natural Heritage.

Comprising 137.7 ha of eucalypt woodland surrounding a central sandstone ridge, this property includes two sites allocated as potential building locations under the terms of the conservation covenant:

The first, consisting of 3.8 ha of native grass pasture, is a favourite grazing spot for Bennetts Wallaby, Wombats and Echidnas, and is easily accessible via a right of way from the property boundary.

The second, towards the front of the property, is 1.5 ha within the denser eucalypt area, and backed by the North slope of the sandstone ridge.

A resident Wedgetail Eagle, along with Betongs, Quolls and Tasmanian Devils frequent the woodland areas which make up the bulk of the acreage.
The central sandstone ridge
containing small caves, and moss-covered fern gullies provide a variety of habitat types along with interesting nature walking.

A dedicated wood-taking area exists on the property for personal use.

This parcel and the similar surrounding covenanted parcels are accessible by sealed roads and are approximately 12 Km (15-minute drive) from the town of Hamilton.

Phone enquiry code for this property : 5100
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