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Is It Possible To Deal In Real Estate Without An Agent?

February , 3 2017
Blog, Selling Property

Let us see the basic stages involved in online real estate dealings.

Stage 1: The owner lists his property on the various property listing websites. He gives details of the property and uploads pictures on the site.

Stage 2: The prospective clients view listed properties and shortlist them according to their needs.

Stage 3: The clients contact property owners.

Stage 4: Clients visit the property site.

Stage 5: If the property is approved, then the two parties go ahead with the deal.

Stage 6: They directly negotiate the price and decide on the terms and conditions of the deal.

As we can see, every step in this process can be carried out without involving an agent.

Why are customers preferring online methods of dealing in property?

Sell Home Online

Why do owners prefer this method?

The owner can gauge the price of the property on their own using the internet.

One of the most obvious reasons both buyers and sellers of property prefer to avoid the agent is that they can save heavy amounts that they would be spending on paying as commissions. With all these conveniences available, it is definitely a better option to eliminate the agent and develop a direct communication channel between the buyer and seller.

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