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Increasing Traffic To Your Online Real Estate Listing

August , 10 2017
Blog, Leasing Property, Selling Property

Capturing an online user’s attention to view your online real estate listing can be a tough challenge, especially if there are many competitors trying their best efforts to get a fair share of these views. So, how can you increase traffic back to your online real estate listing? Here are the best practices that will surely get you the most views in the real estate online listings.

  • Use eye-catching photos

  • Create clear and readable listing descriptions

Property hunters who use online listings would like to get as much information about listed properties. For your online real estate listing to get most views, take time composing your listing descriptions, ensuring they are readable and clear in describing the features of your property. Aside from the photos, potential buyers will consume more of their browsing reading the description of a property listed for sale. A very good example of listing description must be direct to the point and give the reader the chance to visualise it through the descriptions provided. For example, if your kitchen’s countertop is made from top quality granite material, then, specify this feature in your listing description.

  • Talk about the location

Another way to generate traffic to your online real estate listing is by talking about the location in terms of the traits that buyers would want for a new home such as easy transport system, a wide range of recreational activities, friendly neighbourhood and near to schools, hospitals, and supermarkets.

  • Disclose only true details of the your property

Even though you want your online listing to generate more traffic, don’t brag anything that isn’t true. Disclose only true details of the property listed for sale. If you plan to sell the property as-is, include in the listing description that further repairs are needed. Let the potential buyers know from the start what to expect so that when they come for a public viewing, they already have a clear idea on what’s there.

  • Know your target market

Before you even list your property online, take the time to know your target market. Find out what potential buyers would want to read from a listed property. For example, if your property is strategically located at nearby schools, don’t forget to quote that on your listing description. Why? There might be families with growing kids in search for a property that is situated within school districts. Be sure to include the ratings of the schools. I’m sure this additional information will be welcoming to a family relocating soon.

  • Optimise your online listing with relevant keywords

Increasing traffic to your online real estate listing can really help you get more leads to potential buyers who may be interested to view your property. Don’t let this chance go to waste,  make sure you give it your best shot when starting your listing descriptions as well as the photos that will go with it. If you don’t know how to get it right, find inspirations from other listed properties and start brainstorming. Lastly, try to put yourself in the shoe of a potential buyer and ask yourself this question, “What do you want to see on a listing description?” and use that as your guide.

Your Online Real Estate Listing For Sale or Rent

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