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How To Rent Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent?

April , 13 2022
Rent House

If you are a homeowner, renting your property can bring an extra income or a way to start making savings. Especially those experiencing difficulty in selling their home are finding renting out a great idea to get additional income and time to make the property more valuable to a buyer.

Hiring a real estate agents to rent your house may handle everything for you but at the same time may increase the unnecessary cost. They may handle all the aspects of renting your property but will add additional costs in the process. However, handling the task yourself gives you complete control of everything. You can review all the applications yourself and get to know who you are renting your property.

Rent your home may seem like a challenge, but once you get to know the system, it will be easy and a great way to earn additional income and save some money.

Here are Some Basic Steps to Rent Your Home by Yourself:

Decide the monthly rental charge for your property. To make accurate pricing, you can check local websites for the rental price ranges at your location or compare the prices in your neighborhood.

List your rental property

To begin with, list your home online on a reliable platform that offers regional rental properties. The more you advertise, the better are the chances of getting the word out to potential clients. Take photographs and make videos of your rental property and post them. Cover all the rooms and post pictures of the kitchen, bathroom, and living room in your listing. This is the way to gain visitors’ attention, so make your property appear good.

Show the property

Once potential tenants start contacting you, make appointments with them to show the property. Make sure your home is uncluttered, clean, and presentable. You need to prepare your home for showing. Ensure that all the appliances are in good working condition and the property is well-clean. If needed, repaint your place to keep your house in presentable condition.

Also, try to invite multiple tenants to see your place at the same time in order to save time.

Review your applicant

If you have no plans to hire a property management company, then you need to screen your prospective tenants. On receiving the application, call the references, and previous landlords, and verify their employment status to find a good tenant.

Choose the best applicant and then arrange a lease signing. On getting a good deal, get the background and credit check to have the necessary information about the applicant. This is the most important step to make sure the tenant you choose is reliable and someone you can trust to live in your home.

To be a responsible landlord make sure to keep up with the repairs and be quick to respond to any requests made by your tenants.

No previous experience is required, if you’ve got the time and you want to manage it all by yourself, it’s easy to rent your home. With adequate planning and due diligence, you can be a successful landlord.

If you have decided that renting your home is the right option for you, then save more money by doing it without involving an estate agents. Simply list your property with Minus The Agent, and find your potential tenant without paying any commission to the agent.

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