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How to create online home listings that convert?

February , 19 2020
Selling Property

As a seller, you want to get as many people to view your listing and get the best out of selling your property. But with so many homes listed on these websites, how do you make sure your listing doesn’t get drowned in all the noise? What can you do to advertise your property for sale to make sure it sells?

Here’s how you can create a home listing that converts:

Declutter your house before taking listing photos

De-clutter your house and organize the space for the pictures that you are going to post online. Buyers have a positive response to the pictures of properties that are clutter-free as it allows them to focus on the actual home instead of the junk and the over-flowing closets. Paint the walls with some neutral colors such as whites, beiges, light greys, etc. These colors make your homes look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. Adding a fresh coat of paint will also help cover the imperfections of your walls. Buy more light bulbs to ensure that all the light fixtures and lamps in your house are turned on while clicking the pictures. This ensures the potential buyers that all the electrical fixtures in your housework perfectly and it makes your house well-lit.-Give your house a deep clean before clicking photos for your online listing. Dirty floors and dusty surfaces make a bad first impression on potential buyers. To make sure your place is in pristine condition, clean the toilets, scrub the bathrooms, wipe down surfaces, mop the floors, and vacuum the rugs.

Take awesome pictures

Make sure your photos are well lit using lamps and window light as dark photos make your house look smaller and dismal than it actually is.


Conduct keyword research and choose the right keywords and phrases in the meta titles and meta descriptions of your property listing when you create to sell your property. Put yourself in the customer’s positions and think about the keywords and phrases that a customer would use to search for homes. Then use that keyword in your listing to make sure that it is search engine friendly.

Use Minus The Agent

You can advertise your property for sale without an agent by listing it on By adding a good description of your property and adding a few appropriate images, you can sell your home without an agent in an efficient manner. In addition to this, you can also upload videos, a virtual tour, the floor plan, etc. of the property on the websites so that the potential buyer can make a well-informed decision. Plus, with Minus The Agent, you only have to make a one-time payment. Minus The Agent also assists you through every step of the sales process and shares your listing on other leading websites in Australia such as,, and many more

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