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February Special. Ends 28/02/2023

I had to sell my property and was wondering ‘how do I sell my property privately?’ And, Google provided me the answer that there was numerous property listing portals by listing which one can easily sell a property. Technology has definitely made selling easy. You can list anything that you want to sell on the internet and buyers will approach you. This concept has made an entry into the real estate industry as well. You can even list your property for selling on property listing portals and sell it.

If like me you too are wondering how do I sell my property privately, here’s the simple process:

Spruce-up your property

This implies, cleaning the clutter, removing all those articles that are personal in nature, and also large furniture items. The idea is that the house should look clean, well-lit, and spacious.

It is also important to take care of the maintenance of all fixtures. You need to ensure that everything is repaired. There should be no cracked walls or broken tiles.

Take high-quality Photographs

Photograph your home from vantage points.

List on an authentic site

List your property on a reliable property listing site. Consider sharing the listing on your social media sites. You can also list on multiple sites.

Arrange Viewings

Arrange showings of the property for your buyers. Be sure to highlight any special factors such as amenities, proximity to public transport, market, schools, etc.

Finalise the deal

Once you have selected the buyer, you will need to close the deal by taking care of the necessary paperwork, etc.

This is a simple process for selling your property privately. Selling your home privately offers you benefits such as saving on the agent’s commission and having a complete control of the process.