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Guide To Sell or Lease Your Property

October , 8 2015
Blog, Leasing Property, Selling Property

So, decided to sell or rent your house? Let’s start advertising and get your property listed on Australia’s top Real estate websites. When it comes to property leasing or selling all that comes to mind at first is a big “HOW “and without wasting even a second we turn to “GOOGLE”. Here is a guide to help you selling or leasing your home. “Minus the Agent” is here to help you, be your own real estate agent.

Research And Success

All you need to start with is, list your property on Australia’s Leading Real Estate Websites. With Minus the Agent, we guide you through the selling or leasing stages and how to get your property seen by potential buyers and/or renters. Smart phone apps and cameras have made it easier to sell and buy all sorts of things and now your home too! A single click and in seconds you come across hundreds of posts, blogs and more, but it’s always better to choose one useful thing rather than hundred useless things.

Check the Market Status

Develop the Marketing skills

Here, are few things that must be kept in mind when you are your own agent. It’s always wise to use the fascinating facts of the property as your marketing keys. For example, park facing property, recently renovated, well furnished and much more. Landing into the market is an easy thing to do, but maintaining a level of status is a hard pool to swim in. Being spontaneous is the need of an hour. When dealing in the market, you have to be smart enough and spontaneous, as a little delay may give time to the buyer or renter to change their decision and, a little problem with negotiation, miscommunication and other skills if lacked can turn the tables.

Advertise Effectively

Advertising works on the topmost platform in selling or renting your home. Advertise your home effectively and your property could be sold or rented a lot quicker than someone who has a bad advertisement. Attractive pictures, content and proper information are all you need to make your property strike at one go. A picture speaks a thousand words so paint your picture accordingly to appeal the buyer’s or renter’s mind. Any advertisement without pictures fails to catch the interest of the viewer. It’s always important to have your property on as many real estate platforms, if possible and with Minus the Agent, we give you the access to most Australian Websites used by the traditional agents.

The Final Step

So, done with all the stairs, let’s step on the final stair and reach the destination. The deal is in your hands finally. You have reached the end of the negotiation stage with the buyer or renter, you have your sale or rental price confirmed on a contract and the game is over. No doubt, you are the proud winners. Minus the agent guided you to selling or renting your property and hopefully achieving you the best outcome!

Good Luck!

Sell your property without an agent

It is a traditional belief that we need agents to sell or buy a property. However, it is not true. In most of the cases, we can avoid the mediator.

Recent studies reveal that around 90% of the populations do not trust the agents. They feel confident in selling their property on their own as they believe that they can explain their house better than anyone else can. Moreover, they feel it’s a risk to put their valuable assets in someone else’s hand. With this, there are a lot of advantages of selling your property without an agent. And the article discusses the major benefits of selling one’s own property by doing all that an agent does.

Save Agent Cost

One of the prime benefits of selling your home without an agent is that you save a lot of bucks in the process. The agents ask for a particular percentage of commission while selling your home. They ask for that amount in return of the services they offer. The services provided by the agents can easily be done by us with a little knowledge and awareness of the same.

Initially, agents observe your property and make a strategy to sell it, which can be done on your part as well. In fact, you can better judge and explain your house than anyone else can.

Obviously, you can. An owner can even advertise it more effectively and on various platforms.

Thirdly, the agents sit back at your home and show your property to the interested buyers. Again, you can do it far better. Most of the times, the agents fail to answer the basic queries of the visitors, which can be easily answered by you as you know everything about your home.

And most importantly, the agents do not find the buyers and sell your home, but the buyers themselves turn up in their office and ask for the available properties. And, certainly, that’s a benefit of hiring them. Because, may be you would not find the potential buyers simply by being an owner.

With the advent of the technology, it is now possible to get rid of this entire puzzle and find the potential buyers for yourself. There are numerous online portals where you can list your property and the interested buyers can contact you directly. So, this problem is also solved. Be it a buyer or a seller, nobody likes to pay extra money to the Real Estate agents if they can do everything on their own.

Eventually, selling or buying a home without an agent is not a difficult task. One can easily do it if one really wishes to save money and has trust in one’s capabilities.


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