Consider Selling Your Own Home Yourself

Jul,25 2016
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There are many homeowners who wait for the price of their home to rise. They definitely want more profit from their home and should consider selling their own home themselves. Here are some things which should be kept in mind.

Cuts Down the Agent’s Commission

Selling your own home without an agent converts the commission money into your profit. You can directly talk to the buyer and can evaluate if he/she is a genuine buyer or not. You do not want to end up giving your house in the wrong hands. Selling your house through an agent always keep you at a risk. You often feel that you can be betrayed by him. Avoid these thoughts being your nightmares by keeping the agent out.

Money directly into your hands

When an agent is involved in Selling your own home, the money travels from the buyer to the agent and then to the seller. In other words, you will have to wait for the agent’s call to get your money. As a seller, you have to consider each and every possibility. Who knows if the agent never calls or the cheque that he gave you bounces. To be on the safe side just sell your house yourself. It may be a hectic task but in the end you will end up with a good profit.

It’s easy

Selling your own house is not that difficult as it seems. First of all evaluate your property, by knowing your neighbourhood. Get an idea of the prices of other properties, and accordingly set a bottom price for your home. Before showing it to the buyers get your house cleaned, also, take care of the minor repairs. Make sure to get the major repairs done too, because a buyer would not be interested in a home where he has to spend more on repairs. Be patient with the buyers, and never sell your home low-priced.

Sell your house online

Now advertise your own home so that maximum number of people comes to know about your property. Know the key selling points and never be reluctant to show it off. It could be a spacious lawn, living room or a big kitchen. Click the pictures of your home, its key selling features and upload it on the website. Be patient and wait for the buyers to approach you.


One of the advantages of selling your own home is freedom to negotiate. If you think the price is low and your home is more valuable, you can freely negotiate. If the price is not satisfactory, do not sell it low-priced; instead wait for the next buyer. But, if the price is right get the legal work done by a lawyer and enjoy the profits.

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