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A Simple Guide To Selling Your Home in Australia

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Oct,25 2016
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Guide to Sell Your House Online

Trustpilot Selling or leasing your home without paying commission has become easy these days. You can use the facilities provided by the internet and become your own agent. You can directly communicate with the prospective clients without involving an agent. The process of selling any property can be simplified by […]

Simplified Selling of Property

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Oct,24 2016
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Selling of Property

Trustpilot Selling houses was never so simple and easy. Now, you can connect directly with the client, without the interference of middlemen using Minus the Agent. This is a property listing portal in which the owner of the house can list his property. Property seekers anywhere in Australia can have […]

DIY Property Selling

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Oct,20 2016
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DIY Property Selling

Trustpilot There might be a need to sell your property fast. When there is an urgent need to sell your property, you wait expectantly each day hoping that you will find a prospective buyer. As the process gets delayed, you get more and more impatient. You may be ready to […]

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Eliminate The Agent And Sell Your House

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Oct,19 2016
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Eliminate The Agent

Trustpilot Thinking of selling your house? You might be wondering if it is possible for you to do it by yourself. The good news is that, yes, you can sell your house without using the services of an agent. This is possible because of the wide reach of the internet. […]

Trouble Free Property Dealings

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Oct,06 2016
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Trouble Free Property Dealing

Trustpilot In the past, buying and selling of property was a cumbersome, time-consuming and an expensive process. It was done by word of mouth and with the help of agents. This had some drawbacks. For instance, it involved middlemen who would charge a commission from both parties. Also, the number […]

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