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Benefits Of Selling A House Without An Agent

December , 1 2016
Blog, General Articles, Selling Property

If you have to sell a property, there are two ways to approach it. One is by taking the help of an agent and the other is doing it yourself.

Selling a property without an agent has a number of benefits for the seller.

1. The greatest benefit of selling property privately is that you save on the high commission you would have had to pay the agent.

2. You can sell your property at your own pace. Whether you are in a hurry to sell the home or have time to wait for the sale to culminate, you can decide how to go about it.

4. You can advertise your house the way you want and attract customers for it.

5. You can add a personal touch to the entire sale proceedings.

6. You can take the client for inspection at a mutually convenient time for both of you.

7. You can negotiate directly with the client.

Once you are aware of the benefits you may wonder, how do I achieve DIY home selling?

This is not a complex task anymore. You can accomplish no agent property selling by using online methods for property sales. All that you need to do is to select a property listing site and list your property on it.

There a numerous property listing websites available on the internet. You can select the one that fulfills your requirements and is reliable. If your property to be sold is located in Australia, there a number of popular property listing websites available for you to select from. Some of them are,,,,, Thehomepage, etc.

You could consider listing your home on more than one site so as to attract more buyers. This could prove a little expensive as you will need to pay a certain amount to each site.

What if there was a site where you could list your property and avail the benefits of multiple listings? All this at a minimum cost. Sounds unbelievable but it is true!

The site that does this is Minus The Agent.

It is a site provides you multiple benefits at a nominal charge for the package you select.

• Next, you can list your property on the site.

• You can advertise your home by providing pictures and description of the property on the site.

• Prospective buyers will contact you.

• You can directly deal with the buyer and close the deal.

So, whether you want someone to buy your apartment or palace, all that you need to do is list your property on Minus The Agent.

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