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Benefits Of Online Property Listing

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Dec,01 2016
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Benefits of Online Property Listing

Selling a home requires the home to be publicised to buyers. For this, it is necessary to list the property. Earlier properties were listed in the newspapers. But now in addition to the newspaper the property can be listed on property sites.

Listing on the newspaper had the drawback that the property would appear only once a week. There are also limitations on the number of words used. The reach of newspapers is limited. For the property seeker, it had the disadvantage that it was difficult to search a relevant property.

Advantages of listing home on a property listing site for a seller:

1. This helps the owner eliminate the agent and deal with the client himself. This results in huge savings in terms of the agent’s commission for the property owner. This is the biggest benefit of listing a property. Property listing might cost a nominal amount but this amount is very low when compared to the amount that needs to be paid to the agent. One could also opt for listing on a free property listing site and save even the listing fee.

2. Enables the seller reach out to a large number of buyers. The internet is used by a large number of people. Therefore, listing home for sale on a site makes the property visible to a large number of property seekers.

3. It is an easy way to market the property. By listing a home on a site the seller has the opportunity, to market it extensively. He can describe it adding a personal touch. He can also upload pictures and videos of the house. All this creates a positive impression in the buyers’ minds.

4. Listing a home for sale gives the owner the flexibility to modify the data as per his convenience. This is because internet facilities are available 24/7.

5. Listing a home on a property listing site is easy. There are sites that offer support to their users.

6. Listing a property helps in establishing a direct link between the buyer and seller.

Advantages of listed property for a buyer:

1. When a buyer looks for a property through a property listing website, he can also eliminate the agent. He also does not have to pay an agent.

2. It is easy to search a home. There are search filters provided on property listing websites. The buyer can select by price, the number of bedrooms, location etc.

3. The negotiation is directly with the seller.

However, listing a property on a site should be done with caution. This is because there are cases of frauds and fake buyers, etc on sites. There are cases of sites suddenly vanishing from the net. Therefore , it is better to list on a genuine site. The reliability of a site can be verified to an extent by the testimonials published on the site.

In Australia, some of the best property listing sites are Minus The Agent, domain.com.au, realestate.com.au, realestateview, Thehomepage, homesales.com.

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