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October , 15 2015
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Behind every sale there is a person. We give you what you need, so you can sell or rent your home the way you want. It’s always a proud feeling to own a house and when it comes to selling a property and make a profit, a real estate agent will charge you thousands of dollars to attain a good deal for you. Why not do it yourself? Put the money back into your pocket by becoming your own agent. You just have to pay a minimal fee and start with the process. There is no hidden commission or ongoing fees.

Yes! Sell your home without an agent. It’s true, all the profit is yours. After all, why shall someone else earn from the property you invested in?

Let’s learn how to be your own agent:

Act Like a Buyer

In order to sell your house successfully, you need to put yourself in other’s shoes. Act like, you yourself is the buyer. A seller must always be ready with the answers a buyer can ask at any point. Once you are prepared with the buyer’s perspective, half of the work is done. Being a seller it’s important to be calm and patient throughout. Most buyers will start with a low offer. The best way to negotiate is to always respond with a counter offer if the initial offer is not enough for you to accept. Always negotiate with buyers if you are not satisfied with the deal.

Pricing Your House

Selling or buying is all about the price. When the question comes to make a deal, ask yourself if you know the market price of your house?

There are a number of factors that determine the price of a home. Supply and demand, Interest rates, Economic growth, Demographics, Location, Features and finishing of your home. This may increase the value of your property. Professional bank value and real estate agents begin with comparisons, and so should you.

Investigate your area; check your competition on a major real estate sales website such as Other factors like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pool, car parking and location must be kept in mind.

It is important to list your property at a price that suits the market in which you are selling.

Advertise Effectively

Seller or buyer, the first thing that strikes the mind of both is the advertising procedure.
Just log in and post your home on the reputed sites and get it noticed among the top real estate portals. This is the first step every owner needs to take. So, it’s the time to sell your home without an agent and avail the benefits from your property.

Become Your Own Real Estate Agent

When you sell your property through an agent, one of the biggest drawbacks is that someone is eating into your profits. There is no reason that someone should pocket what is rightfully yours. You can easily avoid this by selling your property by yourself. You might think selling real estate by yourself is a cumbersome task. But, in reality, selling real estate by yourself is not rocket science.

This is because of online facilities available for sale of real estate. Because of the internet making its entry in the field of real estate, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) has now become a possibility. This has prompted many owners of real estate to directly sell their property to the buyers without involving middlemen.

These sites help in establishing a direct communication channel between the buyer and the seller. Let us how you can be your own real estate agent and make an online sale.

It involves some simple steps which are:

  • List your property on a site of your choice.
  • Evaluate it: Pricing of the property has to be done with a lot of care because overpricing or underpricing will both adversely affect the sale.
  • Market it with the help of a description and pictures.
  • Connect with the buyers.
  • Get the property inspected by prospective buyers: Inspection is a vital stage because it directly affects the approval and sale. Therefore it is essential to prepare the property so that it is in a condition to be approved easily by buyers.
  • Go ahead and make the sale.

Even after knowing these steps, you will need some kind of guidance regarding the sale of your property. You may wonder where you can get this help. There are sites which assist you in the sale process. If you want to sell your real estate located in Australia, the site which will make the process simple for you, is Minus The Agent.

You only need to register once and select your package from the different packages available on the site. You pay a minimal amount for the package and get multiple benefits from this site such as:

  1. It guides you through the listing process.
  2. This site helps you in marketing your property by making brochures for your property.
  3. It provides guidance regarding how to prepare your house for inspection.
  4. This site provides the facility of multiple listing by paying only once. Once you list on this site, you automatically get listed on other leading real estate websites in Australia like and Additional listings are also provided on Facebook, Twitter, etc. All this enhances reaching the customers.

Once you sell your real estate online, you are in control of the entire sale process. In the case of any confusion at any stage, Minus The Agent is available to guide you. You can directly deal with the client and sell your property. So think no further, become the agent for your property and earn a profit from it.

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